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You love big data sets, the surprise of unexepected findings, speaking the secret language of hidden patterns. You are not alone!

Let's keep it informational but relaxed. In an expanding field like Big Data, we will not be short for potential topics to discuss as a group. Because of the broad skill sets required in the field, we could learn a great deal from one another.

Key Words: Big Data, Data Science, Data Scientist, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Statistics, Statisticians, Business Intelligence, Decision Support, Predictive Analytics, Analysts, Databases, Data Warehousing, ETL, Data Modeling, Modelers, Machine Learning

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Splice Machine and Hadoop with Clearsense

NLP Logix

This month, we're excited to have David Quickstad and Matt Calderaro from Clearsense talking about SpliceMachine and Hadoop. Clearsense is a scalable data platform for healthcare that enables real-time insights into clinical, operational, and financial metrics. There will be a high level discussion of how SpliceMachine works followed by a discussion of the flavors of SpliceMachine - the free dockerized version and two cloud versions (AWS and Clearsense). There will then be a discussion of how Clearsense is implementing SpliceMachine with Hadoop and a few examples of data ingestion, SQL queries, and ML examples. David Quickstad is the VP of Product Development and Delivery at Clearsense. Before that, David worked at Availity and the PGA Tour. David is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Matt Calderaro is the Senior Performance Solutions Architect. Previously he worked as an Enterprise Architect at Bank of America. Matt is a graduate of Keiser University.

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Building Data Pipelines for Machine Learning

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