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What we’re about

- Joining group = low commitment/expectations
- RSVP = high commitment/expectations. ONLY RSVP IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU CAN ATTEND!

Game Format:
24 players (most matches): 11v11 for two 45-minute halves; we rotate as GK & sideline referee every 7 minutes in numerical order of provided pinnies.
14-21 players (on occasion): adjusted game model.
<14 players (rare): cancelled event.

No referees; with a "play-on" spirit & mentality, we hold ourselves & each other accountable. No slide-tackling. Fouls/handballs/out of bounds are called by the players involved/closest to the ball. Offside is called by the attacking team's substitute. If no substitute, then by the defending team's GK. Penalty kicks are taken as direct kicks from outside of the penalty box... Otherwise, FIFA rules. -Sometimes a player volunteers to referee, when so, ignore all of the above, their word is law.-

RSVP - 48hr advance:
RSVPs open at 8p two days before each event. 24 players first-come first-serve; following RSVP's will be wait-listed (more info below). Spots can go quickly, we recommend setting an alarm to prepare to sign-up as soon as the RSVP opens.

$5 Contribution to play:
Covers liability insurance/equipment/organization/etc.. Confirmed players must send contributions to retain their spot. Contribute via Paypal with your RSVP through MeetUp, or: Venmo @LoganKovach, CashApp @JLoganKovach, Zelle (513)-227-6299, or cash.

Last-Minute Cancellations - 10hr advance:
A confirmed players' cancellation within 10hrs of an event will result in that member being wait-listed for their next RSVP (more info below). A last-minute cancellation player will be responsible to contribute for the game on which they cancelled. If they contributed in advance, it will remain with the group (not refunded/credited for a future match). If they did not contribute in advance, they will be responsible to contribute an additional $5 for their next confirmed match.

When/if a player from the confirmed list drops their spot, the first player on the wait-list moves into that confirmed spot. We recommend setting notifications to alert you when you are confirmed for an event. Players who are moved from the wait-list to confirmed are responsible to attend.

Roll Call - Event Start Time:
We prioritize in this order: confirmed players, wait-list in RSVP order, JCMFC group members, anyone who is present & entrusts our confidence in their play. If a confirmed player misses roll call, & we move on to the wait-list, then arrives, this player will be added to the end of the waitlist. A player who misses roll call's contribution will be considered a donation to the group; not refunded/credited.

Start Time - 5mins Following Event Start Time:
We take the field 5 minutes after the posted event start time. We will quickly assign players' positions, roles, & responsibilities, & begin play as soon as possible.

Late Arrivals:
If a late-arrival's spot is not taken by another player, the late-arrival player will be allowed to play only after contributing an additional $5. Late arriving players will also be wait-listed for their next confirmed match.

No Call No Shows:
Result in removal from the group.

In an Emergency: prioritize your needs & let us know ASAP, we can only allow for exceptions to any/all of the above with communication.

First Timers:
If your playing/fitness level is significantly below the group, we may ask for you to gain more playing experience before re-requesting.

Violence & Language:
We prioritize safety & respect. Verbal abuse, physical combativeness, & damage to property will not be tolerated. Organizers reserve the right to remove a player from the field &/or from the group at any time.

Weather Conditions:
We will play in rain/sleet/snow. We will only cancel in extreme weather conditions: lightning, snow sticking to the ground, above/below reasonable temperatures & air qualities.

By Joining JCMFC and/or RSVPing Yes to JCMFC events, players certify that they have no known medical or other conditions that could interfere with their participation in JCMFC activities. Players also understand and accept that the practice of soccer, both indoor and outdoor, involves certain risks of physical injury. Therefore, they, individually, hereby release and discharge, JCMFC Organizers, Co-organizers, and Jersey City Recreation from any and all claims, actions, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to any claims of negligence, arising out of, resulting from, by reason of, or in connection with their participation in any of JCMFC group programs or activities.

Players understand that they may be exposed to risks included, but not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death (“Injuries and Damages”).

JCMFC Organizer and its Co-Organizers reserve the right to take and utilize photographs, video, or any type of recording of participating person while engaged in our or associated activities. By Joining the group and RSVP’ing Yes to activities you consent to JCMFC use the photograph, video, or recording of me, for advertising, promotional, or related purposes, and waive all rights to compensation and other rights which may arise as a result.