Post FOSDEM 2018 Jenkins Hackfest

Jenkins Developers and Users Meetup Group
Jenkins Developers and Users Meetup Group
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Location: BeCentral sprl/bvba
Cantersteen[masked] Brussel
Room: Studio C (1st floor)
*Ask for "Jenkins" at the front desk if you get lost


On 5 Feb 2018, the Monday after FOSDEM ends, the usual suspects of Jenkins contributors ( will be gathering for a Jenkins Hackfest. If you'd like to join us for a day of development focused on Jenkins, RSVP. The format of the Hackfest is inspired by Open Space Technology ( where focus is dictated by constituency, which secures high levels of active participation from attendees.

Bring your own topics: prior to the hackfest, we encourage attendees to think and prepare topic suggestions — things you’d like to work on with others. The different topic suggestions will all be added to a backlog and at the hackfest we will identify and cluster around popular topics. Then we split out into smaller groups and work with these topics in timeboxed sessions.

Additional sessions that will take place in parallel to the above:

Hackergarten - an effort specific to getting started with the basics of contributing to Jenkins. This session would be excellent for anyone interested in helping out in the Jenkins Project. Help is needed in the areas of infrastructure, documentation, etc. We'll cover the specifics of how/where you can fix typos in the core or any plugin by filling PRs. Baptiste Mathus, long time contributor, can help onboard any potential contributors.

Christian Halstrick and Mark Waite, maintainer of the Jenkins Git and Git Client plugins, will be spending the day improving the way Git client plugin uses JGit. Meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided for the hackfest.