What we're about


This is a relaxed meetup for anyone interested in serverless technologies, function as a service, and the future of high scalability web apps.


Serverless: An approach to writing web applications and microservices without fixed infrastructure.

It means huge scalability, low costs, and rapid development of APIs and web applications.

We think it might just be the future of API development, so come tell us what you think!


If you're a business looking to see how the web might change for you, or a developer skirting the bleeding edge, come join us!

About us ~

We're Jetfruit, and we're professional nerds who develop serverless applications. We want to meet interesting people, and chat about some exciting new tech.

We'd love to gauge interest for this event, and grow it into something great. So if you're interested, please sign up and we'll get an event date in the diary!

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