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Gather people who are interested in the Jina search framework, open-source neural search, and related topics.

No matter if you're AI engineers, Python Engineers, Data Scientists, CTO, Machine Learning Researchers, Open Source Evangelists, AI Product Managers, or just plain old interested, we'd like to meet up with you!

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Office Hours with Jina AI: Ask, Learn, Chat!

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Office Hours with Jina AI: Ask, Learn, Chat!

Our Office Hours are open to everyone in our community 🙌

Office Hours are made for answering questions, getting feedback on how you are using Jina in your projects, or just passively learning by following along!

On Thursday at 19:00 CET
ZOOM: https://jina-ai.zoom.us/j/85638087277

𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗝𝗶𝗻𝗮

⏱️ Save time - The design pattern of neural search systems. Quickly build solutions for indexing, querying, understanding multi-/cross-modal data such as video, image, text, audio, source code, PDF.

🌩️ Local & cloud-friendly - Distributed architecture, scalable & cloud-native from day one. Same developer experience on local, Docker Compose, Kubernetes.

🚀 Serve, scale & share - Serve a local project with HTTP, WebSockets, or gRPC endpoints in just minutes. Scale your neural search applications to meet your availability and throughput requirements. Share and reuse building blocks from Hub.

🍱 Own your stack - Keep end-to-end stack ownership of your solution. Avoid integration pitfalls you get with fragmented, multi-vendor, generic legacy tools. Enjoy the integration with the neural search ecosystem including DocArray, Hub, and Finetuner.

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