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EAH: How to apply multimodal AI search to climate change actions?

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EAH Organizer - Jina AI
Jina AI is the most advanced MLOps platform for multimodal AI. Build neural search, creative AI, and multimodal data services on the cloud at scale. 🙌

Speaker's Bio:
Nawel Mahmoudi, a corporate lawyer by training, and Marc Fournier-Carrie, an engineer, teamed up to build ValueGrid, a Dubai-based startup & AI consultancy. The ValueGrid team is on a mission to build tools for better decisions, applying cutting-edge AI/ML to thorny industry problems. It all started from our past experience in the industry (large multi-national company) where we experienced pain points & identified inefficiencies along the way, and for which we wanted to propose new approaches & tangible solutions, challenging the status quo and aiming to "make a dent in the universe"

Talk's Description:
ActInsight is an open platform contributing to the UN Climate Change efforts to enhance data & build robust insights, aiming to evaluate collective progress and remaining gaps in our climate actions. With this solution, the ValueGrid team was one of the two winners of the 2022 UN Climate Datathon and got invited by UN Climate Change to present at the COP27 global conference last month.

During this talk, we will show you a live demo of the platform and its key features, focusing on the underlying technical layers, especially the multimodal AI search capability in production - which enables the "magic" of presenting climate solutions to the users, just based on the pictures they share.

Stream on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/JinaAI/
Join the event via the Zoom link: https://jina-ai.zoom.us/j/82883592201

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