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Mastering the Art of Programming Language Learning - Hands On Workshop
Do you have this inhibition towards Programming Languages? Are you afraid that you have to learn a new language for your job? Are you afraid of the industry trends? Are you feeling rusted with your knowledge of programming? Fear no more! Jnaapti believes in "pushing you into the swimming pool to teach you to swim". We are the coaches with rubber tubes to prevent you from drowning and pulling you out from your fear of self-exploration. Join us in this unique workshop from Jnaapti, where we invite you to learn one or more of the following programming languages: Python Java JavaScript Go C++ C Pick one, pick 2 or pick all! How do we do it? Jnaapti has a unique approach to teaching you to learn anything starting from anywhere. You will be given short activities to work on and a cloud-based lab to learn these languages from so that you can experiment and get your hands dirty. We will also personally review your code and give you inputs on how to proceed when you need help. Broad agenda Learn about the 3 dimensions of learning a new language - a unique cheatsheet from Jnaapti about learning any language Basic constructs Programming Paradigms Using third party modules Can I really learn multiple languages in a day? Let's be honest. If you are new to the programming, it may not be possible to learn it within a day but you will learn some new tricks. If you have some prior experience, you may be surprised how quickly you can start "speaking" a new language. In our experiments, we have been able to successfully teach 4 programming languages to fresh graduates within a week. Learning a new language may be easier than you think!

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Jnaapti Ashray, Villa #18, Villa Valley, Sy.No. 96/1 and 96/2 Anantapura Village, Yelahanka · Bengaluru

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    The topics at jnaapti's meetups range from discussions about Map/Reduce design patterns, Machine Learning, discussions on programming paradigms to the future of Client Side Technologies. With over 20 meetups till date, we have built a community of 1000+ members from over 50 companies, members who are serious about technological developments. jnaapti's meetups have been hosted by companies like Akamai and NASSCOM Startup Warehouse. The reviews ( we have received and the comments ( that people ( have posted ( for our past meetups are a testimony to the quality of the sessions we deliver.

    jnaapti is a technical skill development company providing customized and personalized learning solutions to the masses. In the last 7 years we have trained thousands of professionals in over 40 companies on more than 50 different free software technologies. We also train engineering students and help them by providing a platform to build and nurture their engineering skill-set. Our intention is to make Computer Science education fun and involving. We specialize in providing coaching in niche areas in web engineering like AngularJS, Docker, Cloud Computing, Hadoop, NodeJS, etc. We have also built a revolutionary learning product called the "Virtual Coach".

    The whole philosophy behind the jnaapti approach is that people should be self-reliant when it comes to learning. Learners are taught "how to learn" keeping in mind the fact that, in this world where technologies change rapidly, change is the only constant and what is relevant now may not exist soon and re-training is expensive.

    Learners work on a learning path that is customized after assessing their current skills and the skills they intend to pickup.

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