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“Customers are not interested in your solution. They are only interested in their problems.” So what job is your product or service solving? How does it make your customers' lives better?


Deeply inspired by Alan Klements' "When Coffee and Kale Compete" and Kathy Sierras' "Badass: Making Users Awesome" we want to bring a new way of thinking to how we develop products. By focusing on the desire every customer has to improve themselves and how customers image their lives being better when they have the right solution.

No matter if you have just heard of Jobs To Be Done and want to know more or if you're already an active practitioner – this group is for you.

We'll explore interviewing techniques, share practical tips on how to get started and learn more about what a Jobs To Be Done view on things can do for your products.

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2nd #JTBD Zurich Meetup - Interview Workshop


1st #JTBD Basel Meetup - Introduction

Markthalle Basel

1st #JTBD Zurich Meetup - Introduction

Cafe Auer, Impact Hub Zürich

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