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For years now Jamie Petrizzo has been helping people who had lost hope find not just a job, but often the best job of their entire career just when they were giving up hope of ever finding a job their field ever again. How does she doe that? By using secrets that no one else knows. And by offering up those secrets to you, she's giving you an edge that no one else has. Her success stories are amazing and each week there are more and more. Don't just sit in front of your computer day after day sending your resume and getting little or no interest. Jamie can change all that with ideas that may at first surprise you but in the end, they work. Searching for a job has become far more difficult than it ever used to be. If you begin attending these lectures you will be way ahead of the game. Most of the people who attend are sent by word of mouth from others with fabulous success stories. They want to tell everyone they know that this entirely free career coach which more experience than any other plus a gift that she discovered when she was 26, can help you turn things around. Oftentimes at the end of a lecture someone will say "I wish I knew these things a year ago when I started looking. I wasted a lot of time". Don't let that be you. Become part of ever growing community of people who owe their new and exciting job to attending these lectures.

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