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Welcome to the JOBx CPH! Our mantra is simple: put everybody in Denmark in a position to get their dream job!

Founded by Franco Soldera and Zubair Quraishi, the “Get your dream job” initiative has helped hundreds of people finding a job in Copenhagen! Now, with Richard Oberdieck and Tonia Michalopoulou joining in, we want to take it one step further.

Imagine a place where you can have hands-on practice on how to find a job, with people and resources designed to make sure that you have a shot at your dream job. At the heart of it all is the Job Game, a competition where three contestants go through an application process in front of an audience and judged by experienced judges. This provides a unique opportunity for you to see yourself in as real of a setting as you will ever find. Equally, as an member of the audience, you get to see how the interviews and phone calls look from the outside, and will gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Beside that, we offer seminars and workshops to support job seekers in Copenhagen. We will be making available online all the materials and/ or recordings of these events, so that you can study them and see what impressed you and if there is something you can learn (if there is a possibility to record the session, we will let you know in advance so that you can opt in or out!). So even if you are not one of the contestants, you will still be able to have an important takeaway message, when you see people like yourself go through the whole application process. Look for these resources in our Material from Meetups (http://jobx.dk/index.php/material-from-meetups/) page (we will upload content soon).

You can learn more about JOBx CPH at (website to be announced soon!).

Since JOBx CPH is a voluntary, non-profit initiative, we are always looking for sponsors who can provide us with a venue for our events. If you’d like to sponsor us (thank you in advance!) or if you know of a company/ venue that might be able and willing to contribute to our efforts, please contact Tonia at (email to be announced soon!).

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Optimize your Job Search with the Job Game by JOBx CPH! (2nd round)

International House Copenhagen

Optimize your Job Search with the Job Game by JOBx CPH!

International House Copenhagen

New Season, New Name and The Job Game Is Happening Again!

Founders House

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