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Semantic Kernel: Teaching AI to Not Just Repeat, But Complete!

Microsoft Bryanston Office

Get ready to supercharge your development with Semantic Kernel and Semantic Kernel Tools! This powerful SDK and extension for Visual Studio Code lets you mix conventional programming languages with the latest in Large Language Model AI to deliver delightful and intelligent experiences.

With SK, you can quickly and easily integrate AI capabilities into your applications without needing to train or fine-tune a model from scratch. And with SK's Skills, Memories, and Connectors, you'll have maximum flexibility to build new experiences that bring unparalleled productivity for your users.

Plus, with Semantic Kernel Tools, you'll be able to develop your own semantic skills faster and with greater ease. Leverage AI not to Repeat, But Complete!. 🤖

Speaker: Rory Preddy
Format: In person only

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May Community Evening (.NET, MAUI, BLE, NANOFRAMEWORK 😍)

Microsoft Bryanston Office

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