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It's time for a joint Sitecore Usergroup Germany and Denmark #SUGDEDK!

After a succesful joint SUG in Belgium we continue this format and this time we meet in Hamburg with our Danish friends!

The event will be hosted in the Merkle office, right next to the Alster!
We will start 15:30, have 2 talks, one discussion and then have a Get Together.

Webhooks for Sitecore Veterans (and newbies) - Mark Lowe
Some of us have spent the past decade or more hooking into pipelines and handling events. This is changing – for the better! Behold: Webhooks. In this talk, we’ll have a look at common customization tasks and how they can be accomplished using Webhooks.

Life of a Sitecore XM Cloud Demo - Christian Hahn
Come with me on the adventurous journey of a demo, which started really small as simple skatepark. But over the weeks and months it grew up and and reached teenage age by gained things like 3rd Party integrations various useful components and more features. It was a hard time, when it reached its puberty and changed massively from day to day. It learned things like having multiple themed rendering / editing hosts. It learned to communicate properly to other 3rd Party system as well gained more and more fundamental skills via components (JSS and BYOC). But meanwhile we also needed to have a look at the speed / performance of the demo, while we observed a drastically reduction of lighthouse score half way.
Come with me on this fantastic journey of my little one ...

Discussion: XP, XM, XM Cloud - How's the situation in German and Danish community?
As we have the chance to we want to dicuss the current situation in both countries. Is there a lot of XMC implementing or do clients stick to XP/ XM?
How's the situation in the community and usergroup? What challenges do we have?

Photo of Joint Sitecore Usergroups DE group
Joint Sitecore Usergroups DE
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