Pizza, Bugs, & Fun with Peter Martin

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We've reached the maximum capacity (9) for our current location (within just a day). If you are interested in attending too, please RSVP to get on the waiting list so that we can see the interest and then about a larger space.

Peter Martin is with us visiting from The Netherlands and has a lot of experience bug squashing. It has been a goal of the Bay Area JUG for many years to get better and more involved with bug squashing. We use the software - let’s help make it better. AND it’s a great opportunity to meet Peter and hang out.

What is Pizza, Bugs & Fun?

Finding bugs, fixing bugs, documentation, testing patches, exchanging knowledge & having fun. While not exactly what we will be doing,_2014 might be helpful to read over.

Who can come?

Everyone who uses Joomla!

Testers need not have any additional skill as you already have. Coders can help fix bugs. We will teach you everything about Joomla’s bug fixing process, and in the process you’ll often learn something new about the functionality of Joomla itself!

What preparations do I need to do beforehand?

The less time we need for setting up our computers, the more time we have for the actual bugs finding & patch testing.

Please bring your laptop with power supply & wifi connection

Have a working local webserver, e.g using MAMP, LAMP, WAMP, XAMPP or AMPP. Any problems with installing? Don’t worry, we will help you on the day!

Do you have an account at ? Please bring your login details with you so that you can login. Or please create your free account beforehand.

You could browse some documentation at However, it’s a bit technical and we do not use everything that they describe.

Do you have Skype? It’s not really necessary but it can be handy set up a group chat for the day to share URLs more easily.


10:30 - 11:00 Arrive and settle in

11:00 - 12:30 Work

12:30 - 01:15 Lunch (Pizza provided)

01:15 - 3:30 or 4:00 Work

Possible bit of fun around Sausalito? A lovely walk along the water?

The address to Renea’s house in Sausalito, CA will be provided to those that RSVP yes. Up to 9 people can attend. There is a waiting list. If a lot of people want to attend, perhaps we can see about a larger space. If you want to come, RSVP yes.

This event is free. Pizza is included. Donations are accepted.

About Peter Martin:

Peter Martin has a background in marketing & communication. Since 2005 he has been active in the Joomla community: at first as regular forum user, and later as Global Moderator at Joomla forum and member of the Community Leadership Team. Peter loves the freedom and possibilities that open source software gives you as user and the knowledge sharing that you can only find within such open source communities.

Peter has his own business (founded in 2005) and supports companies and organizations with Joomla implementations, support and custom Joomla extension development. In his hometown he organizes Open Coffee Nijmegen (a monthly networking event for small businesses and self employed people) and Linux Nijmegen (a Linux User Group with monthly meetings).

His other interests are open source software, Linux (Debian), Raspberry Pi, music (collecting vinyl records) and art house movies. Peter lives with wife & two kids in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.