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Asynchronous JavaScript & Promises by Alex Castrounis

This talk explores the following:
-Asynchronous JavaScript and concurrency
-Browser and Node.js requirements and implementations of Asynchronous JavaScript
-Callbacks and why/how to minimize their use
-Promises: background, usage, benefits, implementations, etc.

This is certainly a moderate to advanced level talk, so targeted towards mid to sr. software engineers, although there are many things to learn at any level.

This talk is designed to cover promises in depth, but more importantly to cover the often misunderstood asynchronous nature of JavaScript, which suffers from quality and easily accessible resources online, etc. A solid understanding of asynchronous JavaScript helps to understand the role of callbacks and promises in JavaScript, and how/when to use them.

The Fire and The Hammer: An introduction to by Ben Pardo

My talk is an introduction to using the static site generator My target audience is people who like to automate a workflow that could be result in a website, source code, or an eBook.

6:00 - begin arriving and socialize

6:30 - presentation begins

Space, food and refreshments will be provided by Enova International.