React for Complete Beginners and Serverless Applications

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We will have two speakers:

Talk-1: React for Complete Beginners

An introduction, overview, and tutorial walkthrough of building a small app in React, along with the lines of this article:

It would go over components, state, props, and some basic lifecycle events. It's meant to be an introduction for people who have only ever used vanilla JS or jQuery and need to see something small being built to get an idea of how React works."

Speaker-1: Tania Rascia
I'm a former chef who changed careers into web development in 2015. I've worked as a designer/developer, backend PHP developer, and currently as a front end developer working primarily with React. I also write guides and tutorials on web development on my own site and others such as DigitalOcean, Envato Tuts+, etc.


Talk-2: Serverless Applications and Infrastructure in JavaScript by Dave Nugent

Curious about serverless / function-as-a-service [FAAS] / cloud functions technologies? Wondering what all the excitement is about? In this talk, we’ll discuss:
- The current state of the FAAS ecosystem & major players
- Ideal use cases for serverless solutions
- Emerging best practices for serverless architectures
- Resources to keep tabs on new developments

We'll also walk through a simple example of creating and deploying a simple serverless application in JavaScript (with the option to code along if you like!)

Speaker-2: Dave Nugent
Dave runs the SF JavaScript Meetup and ForwardJS conference series. He's an advocate for JavaScript, Serverless and Open Source technologies at IBM.


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