Learn TypeScript, Chrome Extensions, Velocirender

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Learn TypeScript by Justin Meyer


Come enjoy an introduction to TypeScript. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. We will cover:

- How to get started in TypeScript
- Basic types
- Typing function parameters
- Creating classes
- Defining interfaces
- Using generics

You can try the demos and exercises in this course here: https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-typescript.html

Speaker Bio: Justin Meyer is a contributor to CanJS (a web app framework), StealJS (a module loader) and DoneJS (a kitchen sink). He's also the CEO of Bitovi (a web consultancy). As a writer of autobiographical blurbs, he knows to use his two children, love of history books, and hobbies like running to make him appear more human. But is he really ...


Intro to Chrome Extension Scripts

Chrome Extensions allow you to extend the browser in amazing ways. You can add new tabs or panels to Chrome's devtools, add items to the right-click menu, replace the New Tab or other built-in pages, and can even allow you to overwrite the content of an entire page.

There are many different types of scripts that can be used when to accomplish these things - background scripts, content scripts, injected scripts, etc. Each script has different functionality and different ways of communicating to the other scripts.

Kevin Phillips is a developer at Bitovi and has spent most of the last 9 months building devtools for the CanJS JavaScript framework. He will explain how he used the different scripts available in Chrome Extensions and how you can use them to build your own extension.



Bitovi has a new tool that can improve load times for nearly any SPA -> velocirender. Matthew Phillips will demo it for 5 minutes.