Leveraging the J in JAMstack


Title: Leveraging the J in JAMstack
By Reuben Lillie

Synopsis: This talk introduces the JAMstack specifically for JavaScript developers. With live coding demonstrations featuring the Node.js-based static site generator Eleventy, I will make the case for leveraging JS to prerender as much content as possible at build time, then to supplement that content with client side JS at request time.

About the speaker: I'm a self-taught, freelance web developer since 2014, focusing on vanilla JavaScript. I'm also an opera singer, pastor, professor, and author based in Chicago. I am also the organizer for the JAMstack Chicago MeetUp.


Bonus Talk!

Title: Tear Down React's Ivory Tower
By: Justin Meyer
Time: 5 min

Synopsis: Are you sick of React not playing ball with standards? I'll show off how to convert React components to native Web Components with https://github.com/bitovi/react-to-webcomponent.