Building Your Own Web-Socket Protocol; Working with CORS & window.postMessage

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Talk 1: How and Why you should build a Web-Socket protocol.

Length: 45 min

How and Why you should build a Web-Socket protocol. A brief examination on what Web-Sockets are, followed by their most common use cases and in general how to decide if it's right for your problem. Afterwards we discuss our problem statement for the talk and why our Web-Socket solution works and how it's implemented.

Bio: Grant Everett - Software Engineer out of Chicago, IL working for Yum! brands. Graduated from University of Illinois in 2017 and have lived in Chicago since then, with a love of distributed systems. Web has been my home for a while because I want to learn the reason for building out distributed services such as gRPC and Message Queues, in the hopes of one day implementing them myself.


Talk 2: Working with CORS & window.postMessage

Length: 10 min

Quick talk about:
> A few of the security vulnerabilities and hacks that led to CORS restrictions
> Using HTTP Headers for cross-origin requests
> Using window.postMessage for cross-domain communication

Bio: Andrew Palczewski is CEO at apHarmony. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has over fifteen years' experience designing and developing software using JS and web technologies.


We have room for another talk or two short talks.

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