Refactoring, Promises, Functional JavaScript and more

Chicago JavaScript Meetup Group
Chicago JavaScript Meetup Group
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Pizza Hut Connnect

444 N Michigan Ave Suite 2500 · Chicago, il

How to find us

Enter on Michigan avenue. Take the elevators in the back of the building to the 25th floor.

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TALK 1 ==========

Title: Refactoring Round Table

Description: You've walked into a messy codebase, the developer who made the mess is gone, what do you do? Do you rewrite? Do you onion test?

Ryan will talk through some common suggestions and then open the floor for advice from the attendees.

Speaker: Ryan Yost - Frontend Engineer living and working in Chicago at Yum! Brands. I discovered a passion for programming while miserable in finance and eventually taught myself enough to land a job as a React developer. I'm always cranking on a side project or two and write tutorials on various JS-related topics at

TALK 2 =========

Title: Promises

Description: The basics of how to use promises.

Speaker: Justin Meyer is a contributor to CanJS (a web app framework), StealJS (a module loader) and DoneJS (a kitchen sink). He's also the CEO of Bitovi (a web consultancy). As a writer of autobiographical blurbs, he knows to use his two children, love of history books, and hobbies like running to make him appear more human. But is he really ...

TALK 3 =========

Title: Functional Programming

Description: Learn what's awesome about functional programming in JavaScript (like runtime function choice, easy lambda definition) and what's been recently improved (like Tail call optimization).

Speaker: Grant Everett - Software Engineer out of Chicago, IL working for Yum! brands. Graduated from University of Illinois in 2017 and have lived in Chicago since then, with a love of distributed systems. Web has been my home for a while because I want to learn the reason for building out distributed services such as gRPC and Message Queues, in the hopes of one day implementing them myself.

======== SPONSORS =======

This meetup is being hosted by Yum!, the parent company of TacoBell, KFC, and Pizza Hut. They are looking to hire JavaScript developers for their new eCommerce platform and menu data management application.

This meetup is sponsored by Bitovi .... who loves JavaScript the most .... Bitovi :-)