JS Monthly - Feb Meetup


The usual format:

18:30 - meet, greet and eat pizza

19:00 - 2 talks of roughly 30 minutes each

20:00 - more beer at a local pub

Talks are:

Reactive, what is? by Joe Reeve

There seem to be many differing opinions as to what 'Reactive Programming' is. I'm going to 'fix' that by putting in my two cents - ( https://xkcd.com/927/ anyone?) Once we figure out what the heck 'Reactive Programming' is, I'll show some examples of it being implemented in the real world, and explain how you can get started.

Functional Programming in JS, Vitaly Kondratiev

During the talk we will walk through some practical functional programming techniques in JavaScript that can help in your day-to-day work. We will look at how to use higher order functions more effectively and how to combine functions and remove unnecessary glue code.