Past Meetup

April Event

This Meetup is past

120 people went


The usual format:

18:30 - meet, greet and eat pizza

19:00 - 2 talks of roughly 30 minutes each

20:00 - more beer at a local pub

The Talks:

An Introduction to Service Workers by Phil Nash

Service Workers are the biggest thing to hit the browser since XMLHttpRequest. We'll take a look at what the Service Worker can do for your app and more importantly, your users. We'll see the surprisingly small amount of code you need to get started with a Service Worker and finally we'll take a look at Progressive Web Apps and how the Service Worker will take part in a revolution for web applications.

Generating Content with Service Workers by Ben Foxall

In this talk, we'll cover how service workers can be used to gather, process & generate content in the browser. I'll show a practical use case of using this to drive web-based visualisation of geo-location data.

* As always, we are looking for speakers. If you have an idea for a talk please submit it here (