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JS Monthly Online #02, May Meetup

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Aris M. and 3 others
JS Monthly Online #02, May Meetup


This event will be kindly hosted by Vonage using the platform Remo



18:00 - Event online lounge opens

18:15 - Web Components for Authentication: The what, the how and the why // Ana Cidre

In this talk, we will take a look at what Web Components are, what they consist of and how to build them. Then we will see what advantages Web Components have when approaching and implementing authentication into our application, how Web Components can facilitate the implementation of authentication and share some examples of which Web Components we can create to simplify the process. We will also talk about what options we have today to build Web Components, which frameworks support them and whether browsers are ready for them.

18:45- 18:55 break

18:55 - Front-end testing on steroids

Writing tests is like using GIT: as soon as you gain a bit of experience you wonder how you could work before discovering it.

Why testing a front-end application is so hard? What are the main challenges you need to face? Why do the tests fail without a clear reason?
If you have ever wanted to test your front-end app, if you ever tried to test it, if you have ever hated a bunch of UI tests and removed them from your pipelines... Well, this talk is for you 🙌

I am going to show the challenges coming from automating user flows, checking everything worthwhile for the end-user, creating an ally that prevents you to add regressions, and why Cypress is an amazing tool for these purposes.

Cypress enforces you to respect a lot of testing best practices, guarantees a good developer experience, and allow you to forget a lot of bad testing habits.
And if you feel you are not ready for writing tests yet... I am going to show you what are the Cypress' features that could improve your everyday productivity, something you always care about 😊.

19:25- 19:35 break

19:35 - Lazy Loading images progressively and bundle analyzing in Webpack // Shodipo Ayomide

Lazy loading is a procedure that suspends the loading of non-critical resources at page load time, lazy loading of images, which can bring great savings in terms of speed, but it is also easy to execute incorrectly. fetching images and rendering to the client can be done in many ways but people often make lots of mistakes in this section.

Again, I will explain and describe some techniques to "occupy" space for an image before it is loaded, going from just displaying a blank area to displaying a progressive loading from a blurry image, exactly how Spotify, Google, and Facebook achieve this.

Lastly, we would go into analyzing the size of the image which would be rendered to the client using Webpack.

The major key takeaways from this session are, best-practices for fetching and rendering images, using intersession observer, auditing images, best practices in lazy-loading in relation to Spotify, Facebook & Google and Analyzing images size using Webpack.

Please give us enough notice if you can't make it so that other people can take your place.

If you have a talk we'd love to hear from you.

Submit your talk here:(

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CityJS Conference (14 Sep 2020)

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