Optimizing Single Page Applications for production

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• 18:30 - 18:35 JSBe welcome & introduction

• 18:35 - 19:05 Sam Vloeberghs - Optimising your Angular2 application for SEO & social providers
"Optimizing a single-page application for SEO & social providers can be tricky. Thankfully all the big frameworks out there provide some way to generate SEO-friendly websites & applications. I will show what is possible with Universal and what the effect can be on SEO & social providers."

• 19:05 - 19:15 Break

• 19:15 - 20:00 Sam Verschueren
"Developing single-page applications these days isn’t that hard anymore. We have very nice libraries and frameworks that helps us with that. But what if you want to push your app to production? I will dive deeper into how we can optimise the performance of our SPA at runtime and also what we can do at build-time. I will discuss things like AoT, lazy loading, tree shaking and also some other topics."

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