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From WordPress to Gatsby & Offline experiences with Workbox

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Sam V. and Kwinten P.


• What we'll do

Our next meetup about Gatsby & Workbox will be hosted by Optis @ House of Innovation in Antwerp! Optis is so kind to provide us with food and drinks.

• Schedule:

17h30: Doors open at House of Innovation
18h45: Intro by Optis

19h00: "From WordPress to Gatsby"
(this talk will most likely be presented in Dutch)

With Gatsby, we can easily import our existing data, such as Markdown or Wordpress, and make them into a blazing fast static website using the powers of GraphQL and React. In this talk I’ll turn my own WordPress blog into a Gatsby blog.

Speaker: Dimitri Mestdagh
Dimitri is a full-stack developer at Optis, working with Java and JavaScript frameworks. Loves trying out new frameworks and blogging about them.

20h00: "Implementing powerful offline experiences with Workbox"

Implementing offline functionality has been a challenge in the past. Very different technologies enabled offline capabilities in the browser, but with the rise of service worker support the game has changed. Workbox by Google is built with the goal to make developing Progressive Web Apps and offline behaviour using service workers easy.

In this talk we will first go through some short history of offline technologies. Next we will explore the functionalities of Workbox that allow us to create PWA and more specifically powerful offline experiences for our applications.

Speaker: Sam Vloeberghs
Sam is a freelance software architect and Internet entrepreneur, currently focussing on frontend technologies. Co-organiser of NG-BE and Angular Belgium meetup.


22h00: Doors close

• Sponsor

Thanks to Optis for hosting us & providing food & drinks!

Duboisstraat 50 · Antwerpen, Bo
30 spots left