NG forms & grids with a NoSQL BE & Lazy Loading on Steroids (with NG Elements)
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Our next meetup will be hosted by Axxes @ MeetDistrict in the Ghelamco Arena In Ghent. Axxes is so kind to provide us with food and drinks!

• Schedule:

18h00: Doors open at Ghelamco Arena
18h45: Intro by Axxes

19h00: "Angular forms & grids with a NoSQL backend"

I will demonstrate how you can quickly build an Angular application with basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) operations using a NoSQL database.
The following technologies will be used: Angular, Firestore & Bootstrap. We'll do a comparison of NoSQL & SQL databases and we also cover some architectural best practices.

Speaker: Frank Paepens

20h00: "Lazy Loading on Steroids (with Angular Elements)"
-> This talk will be delivered remotely!

You hit a link..a blank page appears..then some loading animation..seems stuck..oh, wait, some flickering..ah, finally, the app’s login screen opens.” Definitely an experience we want to avoid. Performance is a key feature of a high quality app and even more important in today’s JavaScript heavy, client-side rendered apps. One of the measures we can take is to respect our users’ time and bandwidth by only loading the necessary parts of our app. In this talk we’re going to level up our skills on lazy loading in Angular. We’ll go beyond just router-based lazy loading, we’ll uncover more advanced techniques and even use the help of Angular Elements and Ivy.

Speaker: Juri Strumpflohner
Juri is a software engineer and freelance trainer. He currently develops modern web and mobile enterprise applications using the web platform, JavaScript and Angular. He is an official instructor where he is one of the top publishers around Angular topics.


After the talks, we can stay for a couple of drinks and do some more networking!

22h00: Doors close

• Sponsor

Thanks to Axxes for hosting us & providing food & drinks!