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Javascript , VS Code Extension, and Gatsbyjs

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Invites will be out on Friday.

Company name: HCL Technologies
Floor 4th
POC: Neha Sharma

Thanks to our Meetup sponsor for venue and food - HCLSoftware!!

#0. Welcome by JSLovers and HCLSoftware

#1. [CODELAB] Building VS Code Extensions. Speaker - Naman

The talk would help you get started with understanding, building and publishing VSCode extensions.We would first look at the anatomy of an extension, it's capabilities and restrictions. Subsequently we would look at four sample extensions - theming, auto-complete, snippets and Language Server.
At the end, we would look at how to publish to the VSCode Marketplace.

#2. [TALK] Understanding Proxies and Meta Programming in JavaScript. Speaker - Tapas [30 mins]

MetaProgramming is an age old concept. It is the magic of doing program for programs. However it is kind of new to JS. With the inclusion of JavaScript Proxy, Symbol and Reflect APIs we can do lot more. Also as a downside we got to know, what not to do!

#3 [TALK] Introduction to Gatsbyjs - Neha Sharma [30 mins]

This talk is about the introduction on Gatsbyjs. If you are a Reactjs developer and want to know what to learn next or why Gatsbyjs is making buzz then this talk is going to talk about all the features Gatsbyjs provide
Karle Town Centre SEZ
Nada Prabhu Kempe Gowda Main Rd · Bengaluru, Ka
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