#39 Thisdot + JSLovers : Reactjs, TS, GraphQL, Functional Prog. and more.


Hey JSLovers,

Ready for another exciting meetup?

This time we have the guest speakers from Bangalore as well as all the way from USA. Thisdot (https://www.thisdot.co/) is a well known name in IT trainings and consulting and they are doing a collab meetup with JSLovers. So, block you calendar for 1 day to learn , explore and meet the speakers.

#1Workshop: React + Typescript Workshop (2.5 hours) - Jorge Lainfiesta (https://twitter.com/jorgelainfiesta)

Jorge is a Javascript mentor with speciality in frontend frameworks. He helps engineering teams around the world embrace modern web tooling.

In this workshop we’ll experience how development improves dramatically by adopting Typescript in React apps. Cleaner code, guess free composition and straightforward collaboration are some of the immediate benefits of adopting Typescript in React.


- Machine with create-react-app-ts installed

- Attendees level: intermediate


#2 Talk: GraphQL (30mins) - Jaswant Sandhu (https://twitter.com/jaswantsandhu)

Jaswant Sandhu is working as Project Lead at IOMedia and he is co-organizer of JSLovers.


- Knowledge of React

- Attendees level: Intermediate


#3 Talk: Functional Programming with Lodash FP - Taras Mankovski (https://twitter.com/tarasm)

Taras is a JavaScript mentor. His apprentices work for companies like Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft. Taras is CTO of This Dot and co-host of This.JavaScript.

React brought functional programming and immutable data into everyday JavaScript development. Working with immutable data and functional programming can be tough. This talk will show you how Lodash FP can make working immutable data and functional programming easier.


#4 Talk: Getting real with tests! - Sivakumar Kailasam (https://twitter.com/sivakumar_k)

Siva is a Lead Frontend developer at IBM Security, Ember.JS learning team member & organizer of Ember.JS Bangalore.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sivakumar-kailasam )

Can your test suite handle your Product team's ideas on redesigning features every month? What kind of tests do you need, how much of each and when do you decide its enough? This and much more in an adventurous live coding talk.


- Passion to Learn something New

- Attendees level: Open for All


#5 Talk - Bots with Nodejs - Brij Raj

Brij is Sr Evangelist at Microsoft and Tech speaker in Delhi/NCR.

In this talk we will be learning how you can build your own bots with Nodejs


- Machine with nodejs installed

- Attendees level: intermediate


#6 Closing Note :