Vuejs for beginners

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Hello JSLovers,

Do you know what is VueJS?
Want to learn and try your hands on the same?
Let's learn together and build some fun app on VueJS.

In this Meetup, we will learn the basics of VueJS and also going to build something on VueJS.

One thing what we are not going to do is - Comparison of VueJS with ReactJS and Angular.

- Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
- Laptop (with charger )
- Zeal of learning

1) What is VueJS
2) {{ helloWorld }}
3) Vuejs instance
4) events
5) data-binding
6) Watchers
7) Directives
8) Mixins
9) styling
10) templates
11) components
* Building your first Vuejs App

Bonus: vueJS dev tool & lot of fun discussionst

PS: This is invite-only Meetup. Keep an eye for:
1) Registration form
2) Speaker Detail
3) Venue detail

Happy Learning!!
JSLovers Team