• SFJS: RxJS 6, Schedulers and Apache Openwhisk
    We're working on recruiting some great speakers. Message the organizers if you have an idea for a talk. 🏢 Our hosts: PubNub helps you launch your app fast with realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure. ℹ Use cases: https://www.pubnub.com/solutions/ ℹ JS SDK: https://www.pubnub.com/docs/web-javascript/pubnub-javascript-sdk 🍕 Snacks & 🥤Drinks, 6pm-6:30pm: Sponsored by IBM Developers Check out upcoming IBM Developers Bay Area events on JavaScript, Data Science, Machine Learning and more: https://www.meetup.com/IBM-Developer-SF-Bay-Area-Meetup 🤖 Upcoming IBM Meetup: Continuously Improve your Watson Bot https://www.meetup.com/IBM-Developer-SF-Bay-Area-Meetup/events/255061389/ 🎙 Speaker #1, 6:30pm: Upkar Lidder "Introduction to Serverless using Apache OpenWhisk 🎙 Speaker #2, 6:45pm: Gerard Sans http://twitter.com/gerardsans "Bending Time with Schedulers and RxJS 6" Observables have been very popular because of their many qualities: asynchronous processing, composition, performance, powerful operators. But usually there's a less covered feature that lies beneath. That is: Schedulers. In this talk we are going to cover Schedulers in depth, going from the basic APIs to more obscure features to bend time to our will! 🤩 15 Seconds of Fame, 7:15pm: Want to share your idea with the group? Now is your time! You get 15 seconds. 🍻 Networking, 7:15pm-8:30pm 🕴 Go home, 8:30pm


    725 Folsom St · San Francisco, CA

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  • SVCC: Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018
    Head to the South Bay for Silicon Valley Code Camp later this month. Full session list: https://www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com/Session/SessionOverview JavaScript-specific sessions: https://www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com/Session/2018/Tag/JavaScript Remember to purchase a ticket, in addition to RSVP'ing on meetup: https://www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com/Register See you there! -Dave

    PayPal Town Hall

    2161 North First Street · San Jose, CA

  • Protonight - Pair Programming Hack Session
    Get paired up with a random person to hack on whatever you want for 2 hours! See http://protonight.com for more details.

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  • From Zero to Chatbots Mini Workshop + Create an API in 20 Minutes with LoopBack
    Agenda: 6:00pm Doors open 6:30pm From Zero to Chatbots Mini Workshop by Tessa Mero 7:00pm Create an API in 20 Minutes with LoopBack by Erin McKean 7:30pm 15 Seconds of Fame 8:00pm Meetup over Hosts: Thank you to Galvanize for hosting and to Cisco for sponsoring food. From Zero to Chatbots Mini Workshop by Tessa Mero ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Abstract: Chatbots and conversational agents have become very popular in the recent years and there is a huge research effort to automate conversations in several applications. What are Chatbots? How can it benefit you? How do you get started with a chat API? These questions will be answered during the session with step by step directions so you can easily follow along. No experience required. Come join me and build your first Chatbot! Bio: Tessa Mero is a Developer Evangelist for Cisco DevNet. She enjoys running events involving the PHP and API community. In the past, she has contributed to a leadership team for the Joomla! Projector 5 years, including the board of directors, leading the production team, as well as evangelizing Joomla as a public speaker. She also is an avid career mentor and has helped countless developers become successful. On her free time, she likes to play video games, learn new tech, go camping, and eat Korean food. Create an API in 20 Minutes with LoopBack by Erin McKean ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Using LoopBack, an open-source framework for generating REST APIs with Node, you can build a full set of CRUD endpoints in 20 minutes. Then you can spend your time adding custom endpoints, user authentication, pre- and post-DB hooks, and a lot more! LoopBack works with just about any database you care to name (Mongo, MySQL, PostGRES, Elasticsearch, Cassandra ...) and also has OpenAPI spec support! Bio: Erin McKean is a developer advocate at IBM and loves talking about APIs to anyone who will stand still long enough. Before turning to Node.js, she dabbled in Ruby, HyperCard, Perl, and Omnimark, and still finds herself writing bash scripts on a regular basis. Erin is also the founder of the nonprofit online dictionary Wordnik.com, which has a lot of fun APIs! She is an honorary fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, and in her spare time she sews clothes and makes Twitterbots. FAQ: Q: Will food be provided? A: Cisco is sponsoring Pizza and Caesar salad. At our next event, we will return to our regularly scheduled vegan/gluten free/healthy options. To the one dude who only comes to get totally wasted: there will be no alcohol. Q: Can I bring my bicycle? A: Yes Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible? A: Yes Q: Is closed captioning provided for the hard of hearing? A: We currently do not have plans to offer closed captioning, however, we can offer headphones with increased volume for the hard of hearing. Please reach out to the organizers if you would like to take advantage of this, or if it is an issue for you. Q: Is there a fee to get in? A: The fee is a portion of what little sanity you have left.


    44 Tehama St · San Francisco, CA

  • SFJS May 2018: Embedded V8 Contexts
    Agenda: 6:00pm Doors open 6:30pm How we expose distributed JS services to customers using an embedded v8 context by Kurt Mackey 7:00pm Running GraphQL Everywhere by Evans Hauser 7:30pm 15 Seconds of Fame 9:00pm Meetup over Hosts: Thank you to our host Okta for providing space and snacks. Add auth to your apps: https://developer.okta.com/ How we expose distributed JS services to customers using an embedded v8 context by Kurt Mackey Global applications present a unique set of development problems. In this talk we'll share why we built Fly.io, a global JavaScript application runtime, to solve these issues. Think CDN that runs your code. We'll talk about our globally distributed cache, how we handle SSL before passing the HTTP connection off to v8 contexts, and how we push users' JavaScript out to all those servers. Within the v8 context, user code has access to a limited whatwg JavaScript API, our caching service, and some other basic necessities for executing fully custom CDN logic. Kurt Mackey is the cofounder at Fly.io, a globally distributed JavaScript application runtime based in Chicago. He ran tech for Ars Technica for 8 years, then left to build compose.io (YC S11), which was acquired by IBM in 2015. Running GraphQL Everywhere by Evans Hauser GraphQL is an API technology that allows clients to ask for the exact data they need, without the server sending extraneous results or having to perform extra roundtrips to fetch related objects. A GraphQL server offers a reusable way of exposing microservices, in effect allowing teams to create Backends For Frontends on the fly. GraphQL servers typically use Node, enabling frontend teams to write and deploy GraphQL services using universal javascript. In this talk, I introduce GraphQL, demonstrate how to create a GraphQL server based on Node, and discuss deploying a GraphQL service in traditional, serverless, and edge environments. Evans Hauser (https://twitter.com/evanshauser) is a open source engineer at Apollo, focusing on building production-grade GraphQL tools and services. He started the Apollo link and Apollo bot projects and currently maintains Apollo server. Code of conduct: All attendees are expected to abide by the code of conduct outlined here: http://confcodeofconduct.com/ FAQ: Q: Will food be provided? A: Light snacks and drinks will be provided, with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Q: Can I bring my bicycle? A: True red-blooded Americans drive cars everywhere, but if you're bringing a bike, don't lock it outside, bring it up to the 2nd floor with you. Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible? A: Yes. Q: Is closed captioning provided for the hard of hearing? A: We currently do not have plans to offer closed captioning, however, we can offer headphones with increased volume for the hard of hearing. Please reach out to the organizers if you would like to take advantage of this, or if it is an issue for you. Q: Can I come and tell everyone to use my new app? Everyone should use my app! A: Please re-think your life choices.

    Okta Inc.

    301 Brannan Street · San Francisco, CA

  • #PerfMatters Conference
    • What we'll do One track, two days, 21 great talks, 2 panels, 23 amazing speakers! As this is a paid event, please register at https://perfmattersconf.com/ Schedule details: https://perfmattersconf.com/schedule/ • What to bring • Important to know This is a conference, not a meetup. You have to register at https://perfmattersconf.com/. Use discount code "SEMANTICHTMLISBLAZINGFAST" to get 10% off the registration price.

    Canada College Campus

    4200 Farm Hill Blvd · Redwood City, CA

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  • Meetup at Doordash: Preact-Cli + Build Tooling and Productivity
    **Preact-cli, your PWA toolkit** Prateek Bhatnagar This talk will cover the motives of preact-cli, how it helps you setup up an automatic PWA development environment and keeps you on a good track of a perfect 100 lighthouse score. I will talk also about the setup which preact-cli gives you out of the box and what all can you achieve with it the PWA world. This talk will also cover integration of external tools in order to facilitate anything which does not come pre-bundled in the tech stack. And will cover extending the support for SSR and a few other things that you caneasily juggle with if you have preact-cli as your choice. ##Prateek Bhatnagar My name is Prateek Bhatnagar, I work with the AMP team @ Google Mountain view office and also a team member of WorkboxJS. I love contributing to the preact community and in my idle time I love to think about how to make web a better place for both UX and DX. **Build Tooling and Productivity** Harris Weeks An overview of the frontend challenges at DoorDash and what we've done to enhance developer productivity.

    This Meetup is past


    901 Market Street Suite 600 · San Francisco

  • Learn all about the Mobile Web Specialist Certification from Google
    We're keeping all RSVPs in one place. To RSVP ($10) please visit the SFHTML5 meetup: https://www.meetup.com/sfhtml5/events/247263434/. Please contact the organizers if $10 is a financial hardship. Come and learn all about the Mobile Web Specialist certification from Google. In a series of informative talks given by the team behind the certification exam you will learn what skills you need to get certified, the kinds of tests you need to pass in the performance-based certification exam, and the sorts of jobs the certification prepares you for. Speakers include Sarah Clark, Rob Dodson, and many more. Interested? Head over to SFHTML5 and sign up. Event details: Note: Price: $10 online, $15 at the door. No refunds. No ticket transfers. We charge this small fee to help reduce no-shows. Please contact the organizers (sfhtml5 at gmail dot com) if this is a financial hardship for you. Note: at our last event, we announced that this event would take place in a new location, but that is not happening this time, so we will still be on 345 Spear Street on the 7th floor. Schedule * 5:00 PM Doors open, eat and drink (food and drinks catered by Google; limited veg/GF options available; special cocktail by Alcademics; wine tasting by Grant Marie Winery, and live DJ Rocky Lubbers (SmokeJumper). * 6:30-6:40 PM Announcements * 6:40-7:40 PM Talks (Sarah Clark and the MWS Certification team) * 7:40-8:10 PM Break * 8:10-8:20 PM Lightning Talks* * 8:20-9:20 PM Talks * 9:20-9:40 PM Q&A with all the speakers * 9:40-9:45 PM Raffle** and close * Contact the Organizers if you'd like to give a lightning talk. ** You must be present at the venue to qualify for raffle prizes. Notes • There is bicycle parking in the building (4th floor), but you must bring your own lock and leave your bicycle at your own risk. • There is also street and garage parking nearby. Check all signs for restrictions and fees. • Smile! We are recording and photographing this event. If you do not wish to be included in SFHTML5 video or audio recordings or photographs, you can watch the recordings of all of our events at http://bit.ly/sfhtml5videos from the comfort of your home. Entertainment and drinks: * Cocktails by Alcademics * Wine Tasting by Grant and Marie Winery * Live DJ music by Smoke Jumper • What to bring • Important to know

    Google (SF Campus)

    345 Spear Street · San Francisco, CA

  • ForwardJS 2018
    • What we'll do A one-day conference book-ended by full-day, in-depth workshops about JavaScript and the open web. • What to bring Bring your ticket! • Important to know Make sure you purchase your ticket beforehand at https://forwardjs.com Code of conduct: http://confcodeofconduct.com.

    Holiday Inn Golden Gateway

    1500 Van Ness Ave. · San Francisco , CA

  • ForwardJS 2018
    Join us for our community-run conference and get up to speed on the future of JavaScript and the open web. This year we have eleven full-day workshops you can select as add-ons to your conference ticket. Use code SFJS for $25 off your ticket: https://forwardjs.com Workshops: WebAPIs React.js Beyond the Basics React + Redux Async in Redux Virtual reality for the mobile web using WebVR Typed Functional Programming and Elm Four Semesters of Computer Science in Six Weeks (Parts 1 + 2) Webpack 101 Node.js Beyond the Basics Party Like It’s 1985: Making NES Games in Assembly Sessions: Our four-track conference on February 13 includes in-depth technical talks and panel discussions from experts at Facebook, Apple, Netflix, IBM, Docker, Mozilla, Adobe, Slack, Pinterest, Yelp and Okta. Learn more: https://forwardjs.com Meetup members: use code SFJS for $25 off your ticket.

    Holiday Inn Golden Gateway

    1500 Van Ness Ave. · San Francisco , CA