Skyrocket Java applications with Apache Ignite


Am 20. Februar 2018 lädt die Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg und Signavio GmbH zu dem Vortrag **Skyrocket Java applications with the open-source Apache Ignite** mit **Akmal Chaudhri** ein. This talk will be held in English.

In his talk, Akmal will introduce the many components of the open-source Apache Ignite. Your meetup members, as Java professionals, will learn how to solve some of the most demanding scalability and performance challenges. He’ll also cover a few typical use cases and work through some code examples. Attendees would leave ready to fire up their own database deployments!

Apache Ignite was developed predominantly in Java and provides native support for other languages. It is designed to deliver uncompromised performance for a wide set of in-memory computing use cases - from high performance computing, to the industry most advanced data grid, CEP, and data streaming.

It’s a memory-centric platform that combines a distributed SQL database with a Key-Value Data Grid that is ACID-compliant and horizontally scalable. It enables high-performance transactions, real-time streaming, and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer.