Venkat's Talk on Designing Functional Programs & Reactive Programming


As per the poll, we have taken a few weeks back, people voted for the following topics to be presented. This is a Friday Evening Meetup as opposed to usual Saturday Morning due to Venkat's schedule.

Presenter: Venkat Subramaniam

Designing Functional Programs

Functional Programming promotes immutability and the use of higher order functions. For those of us who have designed and architected applications using the imperative style of programming and the object-oriented paradigm, this largely appears like a strange idea. We often ask, how is it practical to apply these ideas, realistically to build practical applications. It turns out it's highly practical but we have to change how we design and how we model our systems. Come to this presentation to think about functional style and how to start viewing design to make better use of this way of programming.

From Functional to Reactive Programming

We're in the midst of renewed interest in functional programming. At the same time we see quite a bit of excitement around reactive programming. Where did reactive programming come from? How is it related to functional programming, if at all? In this presentation we will discuss the merits of reactive programming and how functional programming concepts seamlessly transition into the programming model espoused by reactive programming.