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Mattias has been Sweden's number 1 and national team player for several years with both European Championship and World Championship on his record. He finished his professional badminton career a few years ago and is now working as a coach for the elite team in Täby Badminton, as well as the Swedish Badminton Association. He has made a name for himself as one of Sweden's absolute best coaches and is primarily noted for his attention to details when it comes to technique. Rebecca is still a professional player and makes a full-time commitment where she represents the Swedish National Team. Her record also includes Sweden's number one in the ladies singles ranking and has represented Sweden during the European Championship, both in team and individual. Rebecca has mostly been playing singles in her career but has recently changed to focus more on doubles and mixed. This gives her a great insight in all categories. Both Mattias and Rebecca have experienced training in many different countries, where badminton is at its best, and have collected a lot of knowledge from different cultures and training principles.