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Established in 1974, The C.G. Jung Club of Orange County is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. The Club provides quality educational programs designed to promote the study, discussion and understanding of Jungian Psychology, also known as Analytical Psychology, and cultivates a collegial environment in which participants can experience personal development and growth. Each year the Club sponsors a Jungian Conference, a number of public lectures, and one or more members-only events. The Club also has an extensive Jungian Library (https://www.junginoc.org/library) (including a complete set of Jung's Collected Works) for member-only use.

The Club’s programs elaborate and amplify the ideas of C.G. Jung by exploring diverse perspectives of Jungian Psychology, as well as a wide range of subjects studied by Jung and his followers, such as mythology and comparative religion. We seek to understand the human psyche through the psychological theories and therapeutic methods pioneered by C.G. Jung and the current use of Jungian concepts by contemporary Jungian analysts.

Most of the events are two-hour lectures, usually scheduled from 4 to 6 pm PT. Due to the COVID-19 health risk, starting in September 2020 all our programs are being presented online via Zoom. Given the current uncertainty, unrest, and economic repercussions, we feel a responsibility to the Jungian community at large to offer these programs free of charge, and this will also be an opportunity for the Club to enrich and expand its own local community. While avoiding many of the expenses required for in-person programs, we continue to incur other organizational costs which ensure that we can continue offering online programs free of charge, and, when we do meet again in person, that we will be able to do so in a seamless way. Therefore, we ask those of you who have held paid memberships to please renew, and we also ask those who attend our on-line programs to consider becoming a member or making a donation on our website (https://www.junginoc.org). Both of these are tax-deductible.

Although there is no charge for our Zoom programs, pre-registration is required for all programs. You will only be able to access each Zoom program if you have registered. There is no deadline for registration.

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The Cosmic Tree is Rending, presented by Holly J Fincher, PhD

Needs a location

This program will be presented on Zoom, free of charge. Register for this program at this link https://uci.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwtcO2tqDwtHNT2ecbKev2ZMXbHymFpDLMh After registering, you will receive an email with the Zoom link.

This program will not be recorded, due to the personal nature of the dream material.


The shifting tides of humanity are easiest to witness and understand psychologically on the personal and cultural levels. The evolving of the underlying archetypal realm is more difficult to comprehend as those processes seem to unfold over much larger spans of time, longer than the human lifetime experience naturally comprehends. Such processes remain entirely within the psychoid realm, essentially hidden from consciousness, and yet are expressed through the actions and fantasies of humanity as hypothesized in Jung's Aion. Through the intermediary of the image, that is as indirect intersectional experiences of the archetypal, we can ascertain these more remote transitions taking place and affecting us without our direct knowledge and awareness.

We will consider a selection of dreams, both of the analyst and ones told to the analyst, all seeming to converge in a synchronistic manner at various points during the Covid pandemic, and will reflect on how the amplifications and interpretations offer a glimpse into a process conceived as stemming from the archetypal realm. We are, no doubt, a civilization very much in transition, How might we better understand this in the context of symbolic knowledge?

Holly J. Fincher, PhD, is a Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist living in rural New Hampshire where an old farmhouse, 24 sheep, and three border collies keep her busy. A Southern California native, Holly has been a member of the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County since the mid 1990’s and is the Club’s Program Officer. Her sheepherding activities involve daily trainings with her dogs and sheep as well as regular trial competitions. This past year she and her young dog, Clare, stepped up to the open trial level, a progression which has taken more than ten years to achieve. About this, she remarks, “Sheepdog trialing is the most difficult challenge I have ever undertaken." She has written extensively on the question of WWII as a symptom of the changing god image, and today’s lecture is a continuation of that body of work, forwarding it now into context with present day considerations.

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