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What we’re about

Established in 1974, The C.G. Jung Club of Orange County is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.  The Club provides quality educational programs designed to promote the study, discussion and understanding of Jungian Psychology, also known as Analytical Psychology.  The Club also has an extensive Jungian Library (including a complete set of Jung's Collected Works) for member-only use.  

The Club’s programs elaborate and amplify the ideas of C.G. Jung by exploring diverse perspectives of Jungian Psychology, as well as a wide range of subjects studied by Jung and his followers, such as mythology and comparative religion.  We seek to understand the human psyche through the psychological theories and therapeutic methods pioneered by C.G. Jung and the current use of Jungian concepts by contemporary Jungian analysts.

Most of the events are two-hour lectures.  After 46 years of presenting in person programs, we began presenting our programs online via Zoom free of charge in September 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has transformed us, allowing us to present speakers from all over the world and to expand our audience, and so we are continuing on this new path. While avoiding many of the expenses required for in-person programs, we continue to incur other organizational and program costs. Therefore, we ask those who attend our on-line programs to please consider becoming a member or making a donation on our website so that we can continue offering our programs free of charge.  Both of these are tax-deductible. 

Although there is no charge for our Zoom programs, pre-registration is required for all programs. You will only be able to access each Zoom program if you have registered. There is no deadline for registration.