What we're about


This is a group for anyone interested in reading Jung-related material together with others in Singapore.

Knowing that others are reading the material at the same time lends the material importance, allows for interesting discussions and provides a good time for exploration of Jungian ideas.

Joining the Group:

Anyone and everyone from all walks of life are welcomed to take part.

If you are just starting out with Jung's works, this would also be a perfect opportunity to begin your journey.

If anyone has been pushing off reading Jung for a better time, now is that time.

If you are already deep in the Jungian world, drop by and share the experience of confronting your own shadow.

To get an idea of the type of discussions we have, do have a quick glance on the points we covered in our latest meet up below.

https://www.meetup.com/jungsg/messages/boar ...

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A Jungian Approach to Inspiring Creativity

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