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What we’re about

Dear Lord

Thank you for my role as a wife. Although at times it seems difficult being a wife, I know that through my marriage you are refining me. I pray for myself and other wives today. I pray that we would be able to connect with other wives. I pray that we have friends to run to, to hang out with, and to enjoy life with. Wives who relate with each other, encourage each other, and keep each other accountable. I pray that we would trust each other and sharpen each other through your word and prayer. Please help us to go out of our comfort zone to do this and to be the friend that we so desire in Jesus’ name


**Membership is now close until July of 2017***  Please join us at our facebook live session if you are interested in joining this journey. 

Greeting Wives

Welcome to JUST 4 WIVES INC This is a national non-profit organization. We are a sisterhood of wives that pray together, laugh together, cry to together an encourage each other in our marriage journeys. This platform was created as a spiritual, motivational, and social program for married women of all cultures and backgrounds.  JUST 4 WIVES - R.W.O.C provides support for married women through participation in our meetups, our discussion boards, workshops and our marital advice sessions. We are not your typical meetup group, we're a continues source for encouragement and positive direction. 

RWOC Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a unique approach aimed to uplifting and empowering married women and strengthening their marriages. We want to positively impact the image of marriage,drastically improve the quality of marriages,women in our community and in the world. One of our immediate goals is to impact 1,000 couples per month. As we accomplish and exceed that number we believe the quality of life for adults and children in our community will improve drastically.

We also believe if we can provide support to our members, resources to the community, and provides unique events to benefit married women, we can in turn help our members’ marriages and family relationships flourish. We believe we can play a significant role in the solution to keep families together.

We stand for healthy, functional marriages!

Please spread the word and become a part of the movement that is transforming wives and marriages in the community one day at a time.

JUST 4 WIVES - RWOC is a one stop shop for our members. We are very much engaged in our community through our service projects. We have an in house bookclub and creative events each month. Details are posted within the group.

Looking back on RWOC 2016 Accomplishments  
-  4 community service projects
- 10 successful meetups
-  3 great book club meetings
- and most importantly long lasting friendships that was created this year

I would like to thank you for your consideration in joining JUST 4 WIVES and I look forward to hopefully meeting you and adding you as an addition to the JUST 4 WIVES - RWOC Family.

Peace & Blessings

Nichelle Nemo

  Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.                                                                           


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