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Comedy at The Irvine Improv

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Sam Fedele
Danny Villalpando - Cindy Burns and
Bob Frady!

Show Starts at 8:00 PM - Doors open at 6:30 PM

The $15.00 cover charge is WAIVED for Meet Up Members on the guestlist!

Admission is first come first served so Come Early!!
2 item food/beverage purchase required

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What makes Sam Fedele, a former business owner and Marine one of the most sought-after talents in the industry?

Simple. He destroys the room, corporate functions, cruise ships and comedy clubs. Fedele delivers a brand of comedy GUARANTEED to blow you away.
Whether it's Ford Motor Company, Union Bank of California or Fire Base Afghanistan, Sam will deliver the laughs.

Sam developed his high-energy style of comedy growing up on the means streets of New Jersey. Being voted high school class clown was the first step in the development of this live wire act. Sam spent the next six years honing his skills in the United States Marine Corps, neither Sam nor the Marine Corps would ever be the same again. After being honorably discharged, Sam spent the next nine years owning and operating one of the most successful blueprint companies in Southern California.

Sam is a comedy club and college favorite nationwide, and has been seen on NBC, Comedy Central, the PAX Network and CBC Television in Canada.

Go vist Sam at and see what the buzz is all about!

Danny Villalpando
Danny Villalpando has been performing stand up comedy for over sixteen years. He has had the privilege of working worldwide with the USO and Comic’s on Duty. His comedy has taken him to over fifteen countries around the world.
Most of Danny’s comedy is based on his life experiences. Comedy fans described his act as the type of act you could do anywhere. From a bar, to a corporate show, it’s just funny!

You can see more of Danny at

Cindy Burns
The 25 year old trapped in the body of a 55 year old confesses "I used to be the kind of girl that said you can look but don't touch. I’m at the age now where you can touch but don't look!”
As she watches her youth slip away trying desperately to maintain a positive attitude one procedure at a time, you get the feeling she could snap at any moment.
Cindy has appeared on Oprah and the Tonight Show. She created, produces and performs with the “Funniest Housewives of Orange County”. The show is inspired by a cast of strong funny and fabulous femme fatale’s who do it Standing-Up!

Go see her at

Bob Frady
To know Bob is to love him. Or hate him.
Or feel completely indifferent about him.
It's your call, because Bob is way too jaded to have any perspective on your opinion.

He thinks he's smarter than just about everyone.

Add to that a hyper-sensitivity for just about anything and a clearer picture of the joy that is Bob begins to emerge. It is this combination of cynicism, pseudo-intellect, average looks and acerbic viewpoint that make the Bob Frady Comedy Experience (BFCE) come to life. Whether it's complaining about the sub-standard medical care he received as the youngest child in a family of 6, or about how his GPS system responds to his driving, or about the wonders of childbirth, you're bound to hear an opinion that you won't get just anywhere. From squeaky clean observations to ruminations that would make his sailor-dad blush, Bob brings it all.

He's not shy.

Be prepared! It's not always pretty.

But it is funny.