What we're about

Plain and simple: This is a group for anyone new to London or anyone who wants to meet new and interesting friends. It is all inclusive, casual, supportive, positive, and most of all fun. Do you miss having a close circle of friends? Get out of your comfort zone and join.

This group is unique in that EVERYONE is a "Meetup Organizer", this means that ANYONE can post a meetup without asking an administrator or meetup organizer first. You don't need approval, you just post your meetup. Make sure you follow the rules for posting meetups that are listed at the very bottom of this page.

Be respectful of other members. Be mindful of RSVP's and cancel if your plans change.This is a great way to meet a diverse group of people and get to know more about this amazing city!


Before posting your meetup, come back here and check the rules for posting a meetup BEFORE you post to make sure your meetup is acceptable. Meetups not following these rules will be deleted.

You can post anything you like as long as it's not

- Something offensive (you have some leeway here, just don't piss people off).

- Something illegal

- Something that you're posting to make money.

- Something that's similar to a craigslist post.

- Something that is overtly or covertly promotional without express permission in advance of The Admin of the group

- Something that is trying to promote an App or Website or Social Media. Hooch or other scams are not allowed.

- Posts of events of other groups is OK WITH permission of The Admin. No links to other groups. The event must be able to stand own it's own. Do NOT divert or direct members to other groups.


NO OUTSIDE LINKS ALLOWED UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY : Outside links are links to websites, or social media or anything. You are only allowed to use outside links if they are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to your meetup, AND you get prior approval from Admin. If you do not have approval: the links or event will be removed.

DO NOT E-MAIL MESSAGE THE GROUP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: You may not email members or message the group via meetup using the bulk email feature for any reason, if you think or feel you need to do so, message The Admin to do it for you. You MAY message those that already RSVPd to your event though to let them know about any changes. Do this directly and NOT with the bulk email feature. Violation of this will result in immediate removal, and then you can explain after and get back in the group.

If you use the "discussion box" feature on other groups, or if you in past have used bulk email to spam groups you will be removed. There is zero tolerance for spam from Event Organizers or Members of this group. Your actions elsewhere will impact here. This group will not be associated with allowing indicrimate spam.

YOU MUST ATTEND YOUR OWN MEETUP: You must host the meetup in-person and be present at your own meetup. You must least a clear way and where for people to meetup at the event. If there is a no host event you will be asked to add a host or the event will be removed. Meetup.com rules state there are no "No Host" events allowed.

THE MORE NOTICE THE BETTER: Meetups MUST be posed at least 1 day in advance, but the more the better. Please don't post any same-day or last-minute meetups, it's not enough time for people to make plans to attend. Four weeks advance will get you the most RSVP's

MEETUPS MUST BE MEETUP ORIENTED: Meetups must be oriented where people can get to know each other, meetups like "Free yoga lessons!" are not allowed.

DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE ANYONE ELSE'S MEETUP: Admin will ban anyone that edits or deletes someone else's meetup without their permission.

Frequency: It is ideal to NOT repeat an event is less than 6 weeks. There are exceptions. Just ask The Admin if you wish to post carbon copy events in less time. This rule is aimed and event promoters or bands. Repeating a band at a different location is a repeat. If you think The Admin will see your event as a copy that you are promoting, then contact first and ask for permission

Money: If your event has a charge of more than 8 pound You MUST message the main admin BEFORE you post.

MEETUPS THAT VIOLATE THE ABOVE RULES WILL BE EDITED or DELETED. The person who posted it may receive a warning afterwards or they may be removed and placed on hold pending sorting out of any issues. IF your event is Edited or Deleted contact The Admin. Do NOT re-insert removed content.

Yes. Right now you are saying: Wow. There are sooooooo many!

Truly all guidelines have to do with respect for the membership and to minimize exploitation of the members and the group.

You are also saying: Wow. These are harsh!!

This group has an open and inviting door. These rules are given to all upon entering. If you violate these it's a little like walking into a house and then laying s steaming turd for all the other guests to look at, and smell and even watch you do it.

The Admin will pick up any turds and remove the bare ass laying it. Yes, it may feel harsh to you but it is protecting the other guests and members.

We are all adults here. So if you did not read this and administrative action gets applied to you, . . . that's on you. Ya can't blame others for your own actions and consequences. After all is said and done: There are plenty of other groups on meetup.

Now that the boring ADMIN info is posted above . . . here is more about the group

The mission of this group is its name.

"I Just Moved To London" aims to be positive and safe environment for members to experience things that, for whatever reasons, you longed for but weren't able to do before. Everyone is welcome.

London is vibrant and diverse city. We have the opportunity to explore it and make new friends while doing so. Meetup is one of the few (maybe only) websites dedicated to having it's participants get offline and do things in reality.


Upcoming events (4)

Public Speaking Workshop- Improve your confidence- Limited Tickets.

Would you like to give a stunning performance when teaching a class or performing a presentation or seminar? We have people coming from other Meet up.Tickets online £10 online & on door £20 if any left. Click the Link to book your tickets http://bit.ly/33hsryy Do you want to improve your confidence when you are with a group of people? Do you want to learn to communicate very clearly? If you answered yes to any of these then this workshop for you! In this interactive workshop we will coach you how to speak in front of a group of people, whether for the purpose of brilliant presentations, confidence or communication in groups. Hope to see you there! The workshops are also a great way to network and meet new people as we will socialise after. The Learn Social Dynamics team has over 20 years of collective experience helping people to improve their social skills quickly, thoroughly and in a healthy way. We run workshops regularly. We have people coming from other Meet up.Tickets online £10 online & on door £20 if any left. Click the Link to book your tickets http://bit.ly/33hsryy

Female Speakers Conference & Speaker Awards 2019- Full Day event -Last 4 spot.

Holiday Inn London-Camden Lock


World Class Female Speakers is a collaborative group to inspire and support women to take to the BIG stage lot of people coming from other meet up groups as well and we have limited spot. About this Event The Female Speakers Conference: Dedicated to Filling the Stage with Female Voices Run in collaboration with Speaker Express and World Class Female Speakers, The Female Speakers Conference is dedicated to helping shape the dialogue around the critical factors currently at play that keep women speakers from being found and recognized on stage. Join us for an empowering day focused on the Business of Speaking and walk away with a better understanding of how to get on larger stages and be handsomely paid for it! Gain valuable industry insights to help you better understand the type of speaker you are and where you can reap the best financial rewards. Investigate what makes a great speaker profile, and explore some of the most common mistakes women make around marketing, branding, and sales which often stop us from being found and landing those high-level gigs. Increase your influence, upscale your business, and use your voice for good! Plus, meet the women setting new standards and inspiring us from stage in innovative ways as we recognise these trailblazers across a diverse array of categories in the second annual Professional Speaker Awards. Apply for the Female Speaker Awards 2019 by clicking the Link- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeRK9Vzfbif_kwO7n88X6IJPdX4TJUt2hrRPenfNH4-a59cvA/viewform Apply to speak at the Female Speakers Conference 2019 by clicking the link- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEcRXt17cbpLNQclXj67srNDUyHz3CmpxZMDbVHGVOXLkImg/viewform FULL SPEAKER LINE-UP TO BE CONFIRMED. Speaker - Annik Petrou - Get Paid To Speak - www.speakerexpress.co.uk Annik started Speaker Express in 2011 after feeling stuck with no confidence and fear of speaking up about her ideas because they might sound silly to others. Her clients include technology start-ups within Silicon Roundabout, coaches, consultants, CEOs, Managing Directors, high-end corporates and a recently funded business voted 'Best Dragons’ Den Pitch Ever'. Annik will share with you how to get MORE gigs and the perfect structure for a Signature Talk that sells. Besides training & speaking Annik loves exploring the English countryside, her cockapoo Roxy and red velvet cupcakes. MC - Lovelda Vincenzi - www.lovelda.com International event MC and Moderator, Lovelda has been speaking and performing on stages since the age of 13. With a background in event creation herself, Lovelda now specialises in MCing and moderating business conferences & summits for organisers who have want to create memorable events. As a former radio host of her own radio show Lovelda has interviewed over 200 entrepreneurs including Rachael Elnaugh (former Dragon on Dragon's Den), James Eder (Co-founder of Student Beans) and Marjean Holden (Hollywood Actress). She has been featured in Psychologies magazine and appeared as a regular commentator on live global news for Arise TV. Elena Herdieckerhoff Elena Herdieckerhoff founded Red Dot Stage after a life changing event: presenting a TEDx talk which has already reached over 2 million views! Her experience shows TEDx talks offer a unique opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs to seize the global spotlight and build a powerful community of followers and customers. Sashka Hanna-Rappl Sashka Hanna-Rappl is the leading International Brand and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries. Her methods are imaginative, wise and humorous to help lifestyle entrepreneurs create and market their unforgettable brand and to be understood in a crowded market. We are looking forward hearing from you. Lovelda & Annik x For more details contact us at [masked]. Please note: Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person.

Public Speaking Night:Storytelling for Entrepreneurs -Using Stories to Influence

Speakers Express presents: Storytelling for Entrepreneurs - Using Stories to Influence We have people coming from other Meet up.Tickets online £18 online & on door £30 if any left. Click the Link to book your tickets- http://bit.ly/2JmCM3M We will help you tell a story to engage your listener and illuminate your message. Crafting your experiences into a compelling story at the heart of your presentation is the first step; then communicating with clarity and courage. This is what makes you memorable and moves people to action. In the interactive demonstration, we will identify what a business story IS, what it DOES and WHERE you can find yours and HOW to craft it and TELL IT!’ What will be covered in this talk: 1. How To Identify The Purpose of Your Presentation: what do you want people to do? 2. How To Define the Story that Aligns with Your Message: fantastic tales and where to find them! 3. Examples of Structuring story into Presentation Delivery Techniques: Vocal Tone, Facial Expression and Physical Gesture After the theme presentation, it's over to the Speakers Express members & audience to run the show, speak, get feedback & grow as speakers. There is an Audience Stage Time Corner in the second half of the night but getting up to speak is completely optional. Here’s what else you’ll see on stage: 1. An X-Factor style panel of professional speakers to give feedback 2. Five-minute prepared speeches 3. Charlie's Pitching Corner 4. One Trick Ponies 5. Audience Stage Time Corner Speaker Anastacia Keogh http://www.storyprez.co.uk Anastacia Keogh started out as a jobbing actor when a job at the Children’s Museum in Denver Colorado bringing to life the Dr. Seuss Exhibit propelled her on the road to Performance Storytelling in schools and public venues. Stacia began working with businesses writing corporate training videos that were as entertaining as they were informative. Then as a resting actor in London learned the dark arts of advertising and how to use her story and acting skills to enliven pitches and presentations; notably J Walter Thompson, The Really Useful Group, Imagination and the Education Team at Kew Gardens. Currently working with Accelerators, (Idea London, Wayra, TechStars) Entrepreneurs (Blooming Founders, Aldis Firman of LILOU ET LOÏC, Andrea Newman of Achievement by Design,) pitching and deliver signature talks. Stacia uncovers the STORY behind the good idea, the business practice, the service, the product and enable you to weave your message through all of your communication with impact. Whether inspiring your team, standing out to clients or introducing a new practice, idea or innovation online or LIVE so you stand out from the crowd and articulate your value attracting the right people with a clear message and a great story. Listen to her weekly radio show on Marlow FM 97.5 Mondays[masked] featuring Business Stories and the people behind them. Stacia runs workshops on Pitching, Presenting, Business Storytelling through Online offers, in Corporate Training Sessions (Kaplan, Lambert Smith Hampton, Gov UK, Flourish PR) and 1:1 Coaching Packages. What people say about Speaker Express: I took the two day Speaker Express course, worked on my confidence and now secured 4 speaking gigs! - Ash Taylor, Consultant Speaker Express has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made it more comfortable. - James N. I went from this ‘raw, rough and ready speaker with no structure' to running my business and using speaking as a way to attract clients. - Ollie Trew, Speaker & Coach I joined Speaker Express four months before my biggest speaking gig ever: a 45-minute plenary session to 300 people in the US. Speaker Express taught me how to be 100% myself on stage, how to be vulnerable, how to connect with my audience. We have people coming from other Meet up.Tickets online £18 online & on door £30 if any left. Click the Link to book your tickets- http://bit.ly/2JmCM3M see you guys soon

Positivity & Overcoming Shyness In Social Situations Workshop- Limited Tickets

Do you want to overcome shyness and have the confidence to interact in any social situation? We have lot of people coming from other Meet up.Tickets online £10 online & on door £20 if any left. Click the Link to book your tickets- http://bit.ly/32bYBv9 Do you want to boost your self esteem and think positively consistently? Do you want to build emotional connection with people confidently? If you answered yes to any of these then this workshop run by the Learn Social Dynamics Meetup group is for you! In this interactive workshop we will go through ways to overcome nervousness in social situations along with how to build connection confidently with new people. We will give you exercises you can do on your own to help with this. Our workshops are also a great way to make new friends and practice what you learnt as we will all socialise after the workshop. The Learn Social Dynamics team has over 20 years of collective experience helping people to improve their social skills quickly, thoroughly and in a healthy way. We run workshops regularly. We have lot of people coming from other Meet up.Tickets online £10 online & on door £20 if any left. Click the Link to book your tickets- http://bit.ly/32bYBv9 Best wishes Ryan

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