Service mesh on Kubernetes

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Service mesh is not just a hot topic but also a useful tool in the toolbox. It's a dedicated infrastructure layer which simplifies communication between services to make them reliable, secure and observable. We evaluated (and already use) several service mesh tools and we'll share our experience with enabling better service-to-service communication.

1. Service Mesh introduction - Peter Megyesi, LeanNet
2. Envoy - the universal service mesh dataplane - Janos Matyas, Banzai Cloud
3. Linkerd2 - Peter Megyesi, LeanNet
4. Istio - Marton Sereg, Banzai Cloud

Bonus track: Istio is emerging as a popular service mesh layer for cloud native apps and it delivers a variety of great features. Courtesy of ComponentSoft and in collaboration with the K8s Budapest Meetup we are offering a free 3-4 hour hands-on Istio training for attendees​. Date and location to be announced soon.