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What we’re about

A warm, welcoming cross collection of creative folks... somewhere between digital painting, fine art, cellphone art, vr art, sequential art, photography, field studies, field recording, character design, writing prompts, sculpture, code, craft, flash fiction, prose, poetry, lyrics, film, fashion, cosplay, and music.

With some amount of ridiculous banter thrown in.

Shoved into a playful feedback loop, to hopefully make you better at your craft, or at least provide a couple hours of entertainment, a little reckless abandon, and a healthy dose of creative camaraderie.

Expect a regular combination of:
·       technical presentations
·       creative prompts
·       critiques
·       in-person, outdoor studies
·       online, chill lunch sessions
·       and weekly coffeeshop hangouts

Literally zero skill is required. We're chill as hell. And dedicated to supporting each other. And I'm a teacher by trade. So zero-prep, creative, group dynamics is kind of my jam. Trust me you're in good hands.

All events are cross-discipline, beginner-friendly, introvert-friendly, new-in-town-friendly (even if you’ve lived here for years (my story)), drug and alcohol free, and no cost to attend.

If you're new and you want to come out, but you're not quite sure... just bring a sketchbook... or whatever art form inspires you (within obvious reason).

logo courtesy of Charles Deluvio
Yeah... I don't get it either.
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So this is what you get :P

See ya there!