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(Formerly the 2x2 Documentary Film Project. We are still in the process of creating the documentary film about leadership. Our previous description will be included below.)



The Karmic Margin Call Project offers free educational services for the purposes of establishing of a publicly-owned Service Market. We seek to attract teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, and independent services providers to collaborate within in a new economy. A Service Market Economy implements the practice of Reverse Market Mechanics to synergize all efforts.

Reverse Market Mechanics uses a simple equation to redirect banking resources and capital. The effort synergizes the efforts of independent service providers to raise the value of human resources while systematically deflating the value of exploited material resources. This creates an opportunity to charge back the compounded interest on global banking, offering the service provider direct access to previously inaccessible global financial reserves.

The Karmic Margin Call Project helps facilitate the service-providers' efforts through developing and marketing small workshops to raise “fractals”. (“Fractals” are $1-$10 gratuities generated by the service provider for extending free services.) Our aim is to create an interim holdings company until such a time when the compounded interest generated can be reliably and ethically dispersed throughout an automated system. The automation of such a Service Market Economy will be created within the next ten years with the help of our emerging partners.


Our first project will be to bring leaders together and create a meaningful dialogue. This will be done by creative improvisation techniques which will be filmed. Our intention is to create media to attract thoughtful people and help make personal goals a reality.
We are leaders who believe in creating opportunities for ourselves. The future of leadership belongs to those who wish to collaborate with others across different disciplines. We emphasize collaboration over competition.
We are people who meet to engage in productive conversations about what really matters in life. We do this with compassion; through deep listening; and with a desire to touch the future culture.
Marta Reis (STRATEGY INNOVATION GROUP, LLC; VISIONALITY) and Mike Shoeman (ROGUE COUNSELOR, DESTINY 5, and the upcoming ROLE REVERSAL initiative for performing artists) will facilitate meaningful conversation with techniques in “communication improvisation”. What do we do?
With each Meetup, we will attempt to support each other in moving toward our respective individual goals. These goals may be personal or professional in nature relating to creativity, business, relationships, or education.
We seek to create a documentary film about this goal setting and team-supportive process. Individuals who join us may choose to participate in the documentary film or simply participate in the workshop off camera. Our documentary film will be shared with artistic, business, educational and community-service organizations.
In today’s social and political climate, a new breed of leader is becoming essential. We believe in the idea of inclusion; that every member is an essential piece of the puzzle for creating change. If you feel like others have forgotten how to listen, we are here to explore the true synergy between people whose primary intention is to deeply listen and give you the space for helping you find your voice.

This is done through facilitating meaningful dialogue within our group to help each member get in touch with which part of the “story” is currently being observed in your life. Through creative improvisation the participant will know what to do next to help bring a vision into reality. We use creative improvisation and story-telling to help facilitate these conversations to affect change.

"2x2" tells the story about how each individual inspires 2 others. Those 2 inspire another 2. When this process is duplicated 20 times, the documentary film reaches 1,000,000. When duplicated 30 times, it reaches every life in this world.
Game on...

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Circle of Miracles Networking Conversation

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