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Safety/Intermediate­ class AND boat demo. What to do WHEN your boat turns over.

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Safety/Intermediate­ class  AND boat demo. What to do WHEN your boat turns over.


EVERYONE, EVERYONE is always moments from a swim. If you are near a bank in shallow water this is usually not a problem. When it happens in water over you head, it is a game changer.

If you paddle a kayak on any type of water, YOU NEED THIS CLASS! Does not matter how long you have been paddling.

If you still drag boats filled with water to the bank to empty them, YOU NEED THIS CLASS!!

If you are not comfortable falling out of your boat, YOU NEED THIS CLASS!


I have now introduced over 5000 people to paddling have seen lots of swimmers, even on very calm lakes.

We will review the basics of paddling but then we will learn several different ways to deal with a swamped kayak, both in still deep water and closer to shore. The more you know about self rescue, the safer things will be for you and your paddle partners.

This class is suitable for beginners. Heck, beginners need it the most!

By the end of the day you will know what to do, for you or your buddies, when that unexpected swim happens.

The cost of the class is $145.00 if you do not have a boat. $100.00 if you are bringing a boat.

Class will start on the side of the lake and then move into the water. The class will end at approximately 3:00 PM BUT we will have an assortment of different kayaks you can demo. We will stay until approximately 5:00 so you can all try the boats you are interested in.

Please respond on here if you plan to attend but you do not have a spot in the class until you follow this link to register:

Click this link to register for the class.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.

John Miller

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Event will be outdoor
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Friday, September 29, 2023
9:00 PM
678 Lake Clark Rd · Flovilla, GA
10 spots left