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What we’re about

Do you enjoy rational discussion, logic, and learning? What about hanging out with like-minded people who also enjoy these things?

Questioning what we are told is an incredible attribute that humans have and we should exercise it by encouraging critical thought!

Anyone is welcome to join, but this group is intended for those who want to question dogma and learn from others, while having fun with people who do the same.

Come and join us for fun nights in the midtown area to see live music, have a beer, a delicious nibble, or pass out fliers next to evangelists in Westport that have a message of peace rather than threats of Hell and fear of pleasure! Let's enjoy the one life we have and let others do the same! :)

There are TONS of meetup groups around the Kansas City area. To join another nearest to you and meetup with other skeptics and freethinkers, and to learn more about the Freethought movement visit:

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