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Greetings & salutations! The Kansas City metro area has over 100 miles of sweet singletrack trails -- perfect to relieve stress, build physical fitness, experience the beauty of nature, and enjoy comaraderie. If you love to FLY through the woods on foot (trail running) and/or on wheels (mountain biking), then KC Trails & Ales is for you! Especially if you enjoy drinking beer afterwards haha. (If you only hike, or prefer to enjoy the trails at a slow pace, we still consider you a kindred spirit, but we suggest you join a different group for that.)

Of course, KC already has some well-established groups for trail running and mountain biking. So, why this new meetup group? Well, the #1 reason is we respect our members' privacy, and prefer to use to Meetup for organizing & communication. Meetup collects money from its organizers (e.g. yours, truly), not from advertisers/outside parties. By contrast, other local groups rely on FB (or in some cases, IG, which is owned by FB) for online coordination & discussion. FB does not respect its victims, but rather sells their personal information to unknown parties for profit. F that!!!

If you're content sharing details of your life & activities with FB, then maybe you don't need KCT&A. Otherwise, keep reading for some more facts about us, that you might find appealing.


• We love both running and riding! We don't require our members to do both, but we provide opportunities. Enjoy the trails, make like-minded friends, maybe try something new, and see how cross-training can improve your fitness level -- and your life.

• We allow, and encourage, all members to plan, schedule, and post their own events (including last-minute ones). In fact, that's kind of the point! We enjoy the trails more with friends, and we want everybody to have more opportunities to do so (without anybody being used by FB). If you step up to host your own events, we'll make you an Event Organizer (so you'll have more editing control on the meetup site, and be able to announce your events to the entire group).

• We drink beer after every meetup! Once again, this is not required, but highly encouraged. When the weather is favorable (i.e. most of the year), we drink outside, and usually hang out long enough to drink a couple of beers. Otherwise, we suck it up, maybe build a fire, or if necessary, find shelter (such as a nearby pub), and hang out at least long enough to drink one.

• Membership in KCT&A, and attending our events, is completely FREE, and always will be. (Just remember to BYOB.) However, membership is a privilege, so please read our Group Rules (below) before making a request to join the group. Thanks.

• We EARN our dirt, by occasionally volunteering with Urban Trail Co. (http://urbantrailco.com), to show our local trails some love. Besides the important work of building and improving trails, UTC work days are excellent opportunities to cross-train (cut, dig, lift, haul, etc.) and to meet fun, active people from outside our group.

• Dogs are welcome at our meetups! Especially if they are friendly, well-behaved, and have experience on the trails.

• Did we mention BEER????


All members of KC Trails & Ales are required to adhere to the following rules. Take a few moments to read them. If you choose not to follow the rules, don't be surprised when you are removed from the group.

1. Do your best: This is an ACTIVE group. We motivate each other to run/ride by showing up to run/ride. You must actually attend a run or ride within one month of joining, and at least every 3 months thereafter. But let me ask you a question: what do you think of a person who only does the bare minimum?

2. Respect fellow members: This is a broad rule, but as an example, if you RSVP "yes" for an event, ATTEND IT. (Or at least change your RSVP back to "no" ahead of the meetup.) Don't be a douche and "no show" to our events.

3. Respect the trails: Check the trail status (http://urbantrailco.com/protect-the-trails) (bookmark that link!) and don't damage the trails by using them when they are closed or muddy.

4. Be part of the team: your Meetup profile should include your first name and a picture showing your face, so we can recognize you at events. Also, answer the profile questions.

5. Be safe: watch out for hazards on the trails! Always wear a helmet when riding. If you bring a dog, you must follow all local ordinances and park rules that relate to dogs. Finally, do not drive a motor vehicle after our events, if intoxicated beyond the legal limit.

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