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Currently, this meetup group is owned by the Renegade Cruisers Riding Club and we like to encourage members of this site to check out our riding club in the interest of possibly joining the Renegade Cruisers RC. Check out our web site at or, for current events and fun check out our facebook page by searching in facebook for ...

This meetup group has one get people together to pursue the passion of the open road on a motorcycle. This group will be open to ANY and ALL types of riders. There will be no discrimination based upon riding level, make of bike, type of bike, race, religion, politics or anything else. This is not a motorcycle club, but rather a Riding Club (RC) -- that is, just a bunch of people that want to get together in an organized way and enjoy a nice, safe ride. If you love to ride, then let's get together and enjoy this passion we all share!

If this sounds like the group for you, then request to become a member and be sure to let us know in your intro a little about yourself, what you ride and how long you've been riding. (As well as anything else you'd like us to know!)

Best of Roads to ya! "Hoka Hei!" (Let's Ride!)

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