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Interested in software, UX, tech, or building your professional network in Arlington? Then this is the Meetup group for you!

Kenzie Academy, from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), is bringing big names and big ideas in tech to you, virtually. Join our group to take part in a range of free events from educational webinars, guest speakers, panel discussions, & networking opportunities. Our education style focuses on soft skills, technical skills, and networking - and we've translated these focuses into our online communities and events.

Kenzie Academy offers a full-time Software Engineering program, co-developed with Amazon. You'll gain foundational skills, specialize in backend Java, learn on a flexible (but supported schedule), and become qualified for entry-level tech jobs with Amazon and other enterprise tech companies.

Learn more about our Software Engineering program: https://www.kenzie.academy/programs/software-engineering/

Learn more about Kenzie Academy: https://www.kenzie.academy/

Learn more about SNHU: https://kenzieinfo.com/SNHU

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Discover Tech Trends in Healthcare with Kenzie Academy

Network event

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As you can imagine, information technology professionals are imperative to tech. But, did you know the healthcare industry also has exciting tech opportunities?

Join Chi Nguyen-Rettig as we take a closer look at tech trends in healthcare, the variety of growth options available, and the ways you can get involved.

Let’s Celebrate Pride Month!

Network event

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Pride Month gives us the opportunity to celebrate and uplift the LGBTQIAA+ community and continue the pursuit for greater equity, advocacy, and acceptance.

Join members of the Kenzie family and the tech industry as we commemorate Pride Month, remember its origins, and discuss how we can take an active role toward wider inclusivity.

How to Pick the Right Coding Education

Network event

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Choosing a career in tech can be somewhat of a straightforward decision to make. After all, it’s one of the most exciting and rewarding industries around. However, deciding how you get there can be more complicated. If you’re on the fence about the coding education you want as you pursue a career in tech, Kenzie Academy has the tips you need.

Join us for a discussion about how you can make the right decision for your professional aspirations.

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Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with Kenzie Academy

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