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Ron Floyd's Poker Series - $20 + $5 Limit Texas Holdem Short Handed Tournament



Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Police Officer by profession but love playing poker. I am having my 4th annual poker series starting Friday, August 10, 2012.

My poker series is 43 weeks long. We play a different game each week. All the games we play are or have been played at the W.S.O.P. except 1 (I inveted a game called Ohio. I will put the rules on this web site). Every odd numbered week is a form of Texas Hold’em (No Limit, Spread Limit, Pot Limit, Limit or Mixed Hold’em). The even numbered weeks will be a form of Omaha, Draw, Stud, Ohio (just once) or Mixed Game.

Each week you receive points based on your finishing position. 1st 100, 2nd 70, 3rd 50, 4th 40, 5th 35, 6th 30, 7th 25, 8th 20, 9th 15, 10th 10, 11 to last 5. There is a 5 point bonus for making the Final Table and 5 points bonus for cashing. There will be a pay payout for the top point leaders. This is explained in the next paragraph.

The buy-ins are between $20 and $100 plus $5 for the P.O.Y. & T.O.C. payouts. I have 24 $20 + $5 buy-ins, 8 $25 + $5 buy-ins, 4 $30 + $5 buy-ins, 1 $40 +$5 buy-in, 4 $50 + $5 buy-ins, 1 $60 +$5 buy-in & 1 $100 + $5 buy-in. The + $5 of all buy-ins is taken out for the points and Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.) payouts. 1/3 of this goes to the points prize pool and 2/3 goes to the T.O.C. prize pool.

All tournaments will pay 1 in 5. The point’s payout will pay 1 out of 5 of the average players per week. The T.O.C will pay 1 out of 5 of the players that play in the T.O.C.

We play by the W.S.O.P. rules. The only exception is if you are on your way back to the table your hand is still live. If you are not on your way back to the table when it is your turn your hand is dead. I have a copy of the W.S.O.P. rules if anyone would like see them or if we need them.

You can call me for more information. My number is (937) 245-4346.

I hope to hear from you,

Ron Floyd