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Solopreneur Roundtable
Smart solopreneurs meeting and having a lively and spirited roundtable discussion! The topic will be something critical to your success as a business owner. When you RSVP "yes" please leave a comment with a topic you would like to see covered this month or in a future meetup. Depending on the weather and number of people, we may be on the patio or in the back room! Anyway, dress in layers so you'll be prepared for anything. :) Rachel's cell:[masked]

Mimi's Cafe

12727 Towne Center Drive · Cerritos

What we're about

This group is for men and women who are fearless (or want to be) about being yourself + standing up + speaking out as you strive for success, build a business, climb a ladder, fight for a cause...create your life your way. When others disagree with you, judge you, even try to block you, that's okay because YOU DON'T GIVE A DUCK. This group will support you in being the leader of your own life so you can BE YOU...without needing approval, doubting yourself, beating yourself up, or playing small. FU&CK that nonsense, right?

We started off as 400+ entrepreneurs meeting monthly for coffee. NOW WE WANT MEN TOO! Be among the first dudes to join this huge group of smart, motivated chicks for a variety of professional development and networking opportunities!!!

ALLOWED: Business owners, managers, directors, ladder-climbers, entrepreneurs, speakers, students...whoever you are, we want to know you.

NOT ALLOWED: People who are pushy, salesly, self-righteous, selfish, or can't support someone who voted for "the other guy."

Together we will become strong leaders with bold messages, even when we don't embrace the same ideas. Roundtable discussions, training classes, masterminds, casual networking--there IS something for you here. We will have a variety of regularly scheduled AND standalone events, some large and some small, some free and some for a fee. We may have a women-only coffee chat, a men-only marketing class, a huge meeting on building your MLM team, or an intimate event about prospecting in a specific industry...all in the same month. We will meet in OC, LB, and LA. Where do YOU want to meet and what do YOU want to do?

Be Fearless. Be Fearlessly Unapologetic. Be Cheeky even! Because you are the Kingpin and boss of your biz and your life. You can have success and happiness and still BE YOU and you don't give a flying duck about anyone who says otherwise.

It's time to stand out, so you can't blend in, and if you ruffle some feathers along the way, you're okay with that!


This group exists because my good friend Lisa Suchesk started it in 2011 and she's a very cool, smart chick who attracted a lot of other cool, smart chicks (many of whom I have known and loved for years because of this group). When we started, it was only for women solopreneurs, only once a month, always in Long Beach, and, frankly, pretty fuckin' awesome!

But that was a while ago. And I'm in charge now. :)

Our group is growing, changing, adapting. We are adding men. We are expanding our reach. We are focusing on getting past the bullshit we've stupidly absorbed as truth, we are accepting that not everyone will like us or our views, and we are standing out when it's far easier to blend in.

NO MORE apologizing. NO MORE settling. NO MORE excuses. NO MORE asking for permission.

And no more burnout and overwork and frustration from trying to make everyone happy. Ain't gonna happen anyway, amiright?

And look, I know some of you might see me as Rachel the Wicked Stepmother who just swooped in and changed everything. If you decide this group is something you no longer want to be a part of, I would totally understand. But give it chance maybe? Or don't. Either way, no hard feelings. To be honest, I admit it's a little scary for me to tell you the group is back but it's not the group you joined. I like being liked as much as the next person, but I need to [at least pretend to] be FEARLESS and open this group up in a way that I believe with all my mind and heart can touch and change hundreds and then thousands of lives for the better.

Which means I just can't give a duck if some folks don't like it.

For those sticking around? Let's get some shit done!!!

Message, text, email me with proposed events and ideas! 949-478-0292

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