What we're about

This is a group for programmers that like to program. All digital hobbyists and artists are welcome.

I expect meetups will be often, off the cuff, and long (>3 hours). These meetups will be scheduled around when I feel like working with other people, so times and locations are subject to change without notice unless you RSVP or contact me.

I like to share my experiences and I like to hear the experiences of others, so all levels of skill and immersion are welcome.

Good vibes:
1) python, go, javascript, react native, databases, gentoo, ricing, scripting, vim, security, pen-testing, digital art, hardware
2) Making progress on personal and professional projects
3) Learning from each other
4) Reassuring "we're all gonna make it king" after a frustrating 3 hour bug chase

Bad vibes:
1) Talking for hours without working
2) Presentations
3) Drones
4) emacs

Let me know your chat app of choice. For now we'll use Discord since it's good:


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Open Eye Cafe

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