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What we’re about

We help people make "connections" We are planing some events.

○What is Kizuna Club ?
"Kizuna Club" is a community that provides a great opportunity to make a lot of friends and experiences at many events in Metrotown, Vancouver. It is still a new group and we'll host an event every week, but we'll host 2 and 3 events in a week in the near future!

○What events will be hosted ?
International events in Metrotown, language exchange, culture exchange, picnic including HANAMI, just chatting over coffee, anime discussion events. Networking in Metrotown, making new friends for any purpose for any generation and most importantly for a fun !

○Kizuna Club's purpose
"Kizuna" is a Japanese word that means "connection" after which the group was named, to be a place of meaningful networking, for both students/working holiday and residents, for both Japanese people and international people, and for both young and elder.