[FULL] Introduction to React JS - Full-day Workshop

This is a past event

18 people went


A complete introduction to ReactJS - up and running with ReactJS by learning tooling that improves your development workflow, ReactJS core API, and common how-to e.g. writing tests, making api calls, and code splitting.

Workshop website: https://intro-to-react-js.netlify.com/

Free (RM0)

Things to bring
- Your own laptop - this is a hands-on workshop.
- A fresh mind

This workshop assumes that you have at least basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS. If you know how to add a button element in a HTML and a script tag to make clicking the button do something interactive like a popup, then you're good to go.

Who should attend this workshop
- Computer Science students/ recent graduates that has learnt basic HTML/CSS/Javascript and would like to take the next step to learn modern frontend development
- Developer that is required to use ReactJS in their work, perhaps written some components, but would like to learn more about the tooling and best-practices when using ReactJS
- Experienced developer working on backend development and would like to start exploring frontend development
- Frontend developers that has experience developing with other frameworks e.g. Angular & Vue, and would like to learn about ReactJS